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1a. Chemistry 142 Syllabus.  This includes the problem assignments, the lab schedule, exam schedule, and instructions for getting on the Chemistry 142 Listserve.  In addition, you will also find the the "confirmation of lab assignment" sheet which MUST be handed in on the first day of class so you will not lose your lab space. This is a sample version only.  The actual lab assignment sheet you will fill out and hand in will be given out in class on the first day.  DO NOT MISS THIS CLASS!

1b. THE CLASS NOTES ARE NOW ONLINE... go to the Bailey Howe Library Hompage and then to the reserve desk page  to click on Chemistry 142.  These are password protected and are available only to UVM students. You will get a complete copy of these notes at the first class.  However, for those of you who just can't wait to get back into orgo again, you can go to the library to look at them and print them out if you wish.  And if you lose some pages during the semester, they will always be at the library online reserve site.

                                              AND HERE ARE PRACTICE EXAMS 1, 2 AND 3!!!
                                    (AS WELL AS THE ANSWER KEYS TO
                                                      THESE EXAMS)

2. Practice Exam No. 1.  This is a set of two old exams, one from 2001 and one from 1994.  In the first one from 2001, please ignore problems No. 10 through 12, as we will not cover this material in detail.   And on this exam, note that there are four problems on structure determination (IR, NMR, and CMR spectra.)  The first is numbered 14 and should be labeled A.   The others are B,C and D.

3. Answer Key to Practice Exam No. 1.

4. Practice Exam No. 2.  Again, a set of two old exams.  This practice exam is 20 pages long.  When you print it out, the order of pages 12 through 20 are reversed.   To get the problem numbers in the right sequence after page 11, the next page is 20, then 19, then 18, 17, 16, 15, 14 , 13 , 12.   Sorry about that.  But after you print it out, it is a simple matter to rearrange the pages as noted.

5. Answer Key to Practice Exam No. 2.

6. Practice Exam No. 3.  Again, a set of two old exams.

7. Answer Key to Practice Exam No. 3


8. QUIZ one for extra credit.  Hand in to me right before class on Wednesday, Janurary 22 for 5 points.  Print out the page from the web, circle the answers as directed on the quiz page, write your name and the last four digits of your social security number on the back of the page.  Hand in BEFORE class on the front desk!

8a. QUIZ two for extra credit.  Hand in to me right before class on Monday, February 3 for 5 points.  Print out the page from the web, do the problem on scratch paper and hand in the answer by writing the correct structure on an 8 x 11 sheet of blank paper.  Put your name and the last four digits of your social security number right above the structure (PRINT please, so I can read it.)  You must hand in on the front desk right before10:10 A.M. on February 3rd.  WORK ALONE.  CIA spys and FBI agents have been alerted and have my cell phone number!

8b. QUIZ three for extra credit.  Hand in to me right before class on Friday, February 7 for 5 points.  Hand it in as follows:  A single 8 and 1/2 by 11 inch page with the structure of compound K written on it, along with your printed last name, first name and the last four digits of your social security number.  You need not show work.  Just write the structure.  WORK ALONE.  The chemcats security force will be out checking!!!


9. Here is a great website with lots of practice problems in structure determination by nmr and ir spectroscopy at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.  These problems are similar to those you will have on examination No. 1 in early February.

Here are the laboratory quicktime movies:

10. The Expoxidation of Cholesterol, starring that artery clogging fatty stuff:  CHOLESTEROL!   Narrated by Robert  Redford...ooops... I mean Steve Flemer.   To see this video clip you will need Quicktime on your computer.   You can get Quicktime by typing the phrase "quicktime download" into the search engine "Google" and then clicking on the URL that comes up.  Follow the directions for download.

10a. The Diels Alder Reaction (Week of February 10th), starring cyclopentadiene and maleic anhydride! Narrated by Paul Newman....ooops... I mean good ol Steve Flemer again. If you are having trouble viewing the movies, let me know by email.  You can bring a headset to Bailey Howe Library and view the movie there by plugging your headset into the green hole in the back of most library computers (ask for help at the reference desk if you need it.)

10b.  Triphenylmethanol by Grignard, Experiment 1,  starring Oscar nominated Steve Flemer in his first Grignard movie role.  We tried to get Michael Jackson to play a supporting part, but he was indisposed.  For directions on how to view this quicktime video, see items 10 and 10a.

10c.    Triphenylmethanol by Grignard, the continuing saga, Flemer redux,

10d.    Nitration of Methylbenzoate and Video Evaluation Submission.

10e.    Friedel Crafts  Alkylation

10f.    Wittig Reaction

10g.    Tetraphenylcyclopentadienone via a Crossed Aldol

10h.      Camphene to Borneol and Isoborneol


Here are the keys to the Exams:

11. Exam One Key

11a. Exam Two Key

11b. Exam Three Key