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Sugarbush directory: a collection of diagnostic images from the orthopedic clinic at Sugarbush, showing the range of injuries encountered at the clinic over a 15 year period.

Nature and wildlife 2016: a collection of photographs of wildlife and scenery taken in 2016. Most, though not all, are from New England, with a focus on Vermont and Cape Cod.

Nature and wildlife 2017: another collection of photographs, which were taken in ... 2017.

Nature and wildlife 2018: more nature photographs.

Nature and wildlife 2019: still more nature photographs.

Fractals: a collection of computer-generated images, including fractals, chaotic attractors and other mathematically-derived graphics. Most were created with my own software.

Software: a collection of programs which render fractals, chaotic attractors and other mathematically-derived graphics. Most of the programs come with PDF files which describe the subject matter and explain how to use the programs. A few programs have associated basic screen savers. Some simple games will be included

Movies: a collection of short video clips, featuring more wildlife and some skiing, is located on my Vimeo page.

Latest revision 2 October 2019

Michael Sargent