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What can I do with an MPA degree?

Our alumni are employed in a variety of fields; local, state and federal government; business, and education administration; and non-profit and self employment, to name a few. Areas of specialization include health care, community development [town planning, housing or economic development], environmental agriculture, policy analysis, law and law enforcement, state administration, public and private education. Through course selection, internships, and special topic courses, it is possible for a student to focus and pursue their own individual interests.

Who are your typical students?

Currently, 74% of our current students are working professionals. However, we have had an increase in traditional students in recent years. With a cohort of 36-40 students in a typical class, we find that their diverse perspectives provide a rich learning environment that combines the valuable theory of the field with experience from classmates who have actually been working in related fields.

Is it possible to take classes and work full-time?

Yes. The challenge is budgeting your time. Most of our courses are offered in the evening, allowing for working professionals to attend classes with minimal work time loss. We are sensitive to the demands of family and work on the professional who has decided to return to school. We also offer intensives that allow students to take a course in a shorter period of time than the "traditional" three hours a week for 14 weeks.

How many credits are considered full-time?

For graduate students, full-time at UVM is 9 credits or 3 classes. We stagger the nights that courses are offered for students who opt to take more than one class a week. Part-time is considered 1 to 2 classes per semester.

What are your admissions deadlines?

Our program has an open enrollment policy. This means that students may apply throughout the year. We accept students up to a respectable time before the beginning of a semester so that students can enroll in courses for the semester that they choose to start in. We ask that students be accepted and the necessary paperwork and signatures be complete prior to the start of the semester. We encourage all prospective students to meet with our Student Services Coordinator, Julie Starr, so that she can help you through the process.

Where do I take the GRE?

The GRE are offered in Williston at The Prometric Testing Center, 600 Blair Park. Appointments can be made over the phone by calling 802-872-0251. The GRE website is:

Would I be able to take classes in another UVM department?

Yes. Students have access to courses offered in other departments at UVM. For example, if a student chooses to focus in Health Care, our partnership with the College of Nursing and Health Sciences allows enrollment in graduate classes offered on Health Care Administration. Students who may want to concentrate on Environmental Policy would be able to take classes in Community Development and Applied Economics, Environmental Studies, and/or the School of Natural Resources. Working with an MPA advisor the student could branch out to areas that would enhance their experience at UVM.

I have taken 2 graduate level classes at another institution. Would they transfer into the MPA should I be accepted?

Maybe. If you feel the courses are relevant to the MPA program you can provide a copy of the course syllabus and a description of the course. The Director and core faculty will review the material and determine if it is appropriate for an elective credit in the program.

I have taken graduate credits through UVM Continuing Education. Are these credits transferable into the program?

If the graduate course that you took were MPA courses, and you received a B or better, we would automatically transfer the credits into your MPA program. If these credits are from another department, we would assess the contents of the course by reviewing the syllabus and talking with you to determine if it is appropriate for one of your elective credits.

What are your tuition fees and is there assistance for costs?

In-state tuition cost for the 2013-2014 academic year is $527.00 per credit. Usually, a course is three credits, which means the cost would be $1,726.00 for Vermont Residents.

The out-of-state tuition cost is $1,444.00 per credit or $4,332.00 for a three credit course.

Click here for a detailed account of tuition and comprehensive fees associated with graduate study at UVM.

The MPA program continually looks for Grant and Assistantship opportunities that would pay for part or full tuition costs. It is best to check with our office to the opportunities that currently are being offered in the semester that you intend to enroll.

The UVM Financial Aide Office is located at: They have a number of resources available to help you get the financial assistance you need. There is also student financial assistance through VSAC which is located in Winooski. They can be contacted through their website: VSAC provides grants, scholarships, and low interest loans to students.

What kind of support is available for students currently in the MPA?

Each MPA student works with an advisor who is currently teaching within the program. This provides the opportunity for partnership in your graduate program decision making. Because the program is broad in its opportunities to specialize, students have the guidance and support from faculty who are proficient within their area of study and subscribe to the principles of Public Administration. Staff are available for moral support, keeping academic records, continual communication regarding courses, credit status, and information on changes and new opportunities within the curriculum. The program continues to build a cohort of students who support one another and keep the momentum going through student events and venues for celebration.

What are the completion rates for Full Time and Part Time students?

Since moving to the CDAE department, the average completion time for a Full Time MPA student is 2 years, and the average completion time for a Part Time MPA student is 3 years. 99.9% of our students graduate from our program.

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