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Marshall E. Dimock Award

Marshall E. Dimock Award

Marshall E. Dimock

Marshall E. Dimock was not only a pioneer nationally in the field of public administration, but his ties to Vermont and to the UVM-MPA Program ran deep. He was a key supporter of our program and provided invaluable advice to us in planning our future. Although his death on November 14, 1991 left a noticeable void for those connected with the UVM-MPA program, we will continue to emulate this public administration scholar through study and research of his extensive writing and by these annual awards.

The fundamental purpose of the Marshall E. Dimock award is to honor the scholarly and professional achievements of a current student and an alum of the UVM-MPA degree program. The award will be made annually to a current UVM-MPA student (a person who has just completed or will have completed all MPA degree requirements within the next four months of this announcement) and to an alum of the UVM-MPA program (a person who completed all degree requirements one or more years from the date of this announcement).

A letter of nomination should address the following areas:
  •     Advancement of ethical principles within public administration
  •     Evidence of outstanding academic and scholarly activities
  •     Evidence of outstanding professional activities in public administration
  •     Commitment to the advancement of the profession of public administration
  •     Vision for the field of public administration
Marshall E. Dimock Nomination Form

1992: Sara Ann Conkling
1993: Monica L. Weber
1994: Sandra A. Waldstein
1995: James J. Forbes
1996: Peter Dutton Blackmer / Allison Pedley
1997: Sean P. McBride
1998: Cynthia J. Bruzzese
1999: Tina Nabatchi
2000:  Peter Kim
2001: Gregg Faber
2002: Tracy M. Phillips
2003: Steven J. Kappel / Trevor Whipple
2004: Jane Paluda
2005: John T. MacCallum
2006: Adrienne L. Cohen
2007: Russell Mills
2008: Anne E. Bourdon
2009: Jennifer Kenyan
2010: Kiona Baez
2011: Beth S. Holtzman
2012: Eric A.Wells
2013: Jessica Ricketson
1992: Laurence R. Wood
1993: Eric G. Broque
1994: Cynthia B. Tokos
1995: Teno A. West
1996: Ann T. Daughaday
1997: Lufuno Tshikororo
1998: Jonathon T. Besse
1999: John Taylor
2000:  David H. Tucker
2001: Richard Turner
2002: Robin L. Orr
2003: Charly Dickerson / Monica L. Weeber
2004: Stacie Blake
2005: Martha E. Maksym
2006: Catherine F. Shearer
2007: Lisa Ventriss
2008: Trevor S. Whipple
2009: Erin M. Hynes
2010: Steven P. Schneider '96
2011: Michael C. Loner
2012: Herbert D. Sinkinson
2013: Helen Head

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