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Marc T. Law

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  • "From Certification to Licensure: Evidence from Registered and Practical Nurses in the United States, 1950-70." (with Mindy S. Marks). European Journal of Comparative Economics 10 (2), (August 2013): 177-98.
  • "Medical Licensing Board Characteristics and Physician Discipline: An Empirical Analysis." (with Zeynep K. Hansen). Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law 35 (1) (February 2010): 63-93. An earlier version is available as NBER Working Paper No. 15140. This paper was summarized in the November 2009 issue of the NBER Digest. It is also prominently featured as a "Finding" in the chapter on physician manpower in Paul Feldstein (2012). Health Economics: Seventh Edition. (Cengage), p. 408.

  • "Food and Drugs Regulation in the United States." In Paul J. Quirk and William Cunion (eds.). Governing America: Major Policies and Decisions of Federal, State, and Local Governments: Volume 1. New York, NY: Facts on File (2011)., pp. 126-31.

  • "Local Government Autonomy and City Growth: Evidence from China" (with Yunsen Li and Cheryl Long).
  • "Did Early Prohibition Matter?" (with Mindy S. Marks).
  • "Adult Labor Market Outcomes Under the Influence of Prohibition: An Analysis of the Early Childhood Development Hypothesis." (with Mindy S. Marks and Todd Sorensen).
  • "How Administrative Procedures Matter: Evidence from Public Utility Commissions." (with Richard Vanden Bergh).
  • "The Spatial Distribution of Public Goods: Universities and Colleges in Canada and the United States." (with Sukkoo Kim).
Last updated: 14 October 2017