Religious Pilgrimage Sites

Holyland Live (NOW DEFUNCT?)
Holyland Live was a commercial site that sought to recreate the Holy Land in virtual reality. Among the products offered were CD-ROMS with images of the Holy Land, and virtual reality tours. In addition, this site offered live coverage of events in the Holy Land. This site was produced by Bety Media Productions, and after, according to a banner on the page, being for sale, no longer exists. - Virtual Pilgrimage To The Holyland
This site offers shoppers the opportunity to buy items made in the Holyland, as well as "virtual guided tours." In addition, it offers reservation resources for actual pilgrimage. This site is operated by Vector Holdings, and is "currently positioning to allow Christian communities, churches and qualified individuals to acquire ownership interest in"
Tampa Airport - The start of our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
This site was created by Terry Modica of Good News Ministries of Tampa. This site is designed to "fascinate you with a personal experience of spiritual growth as you get in touch with what it really means to walk in the footsteps of Jesus." Except for a link to the Good News Ministries page, there are no banners or advertisements on this site.
Virtual Pilgrimage
As Skip Knox, the creator of this site writes, "These pages are intended to give some sense of the places visited by medieval Christian pilgrims from western Europe around the time of the Crusades, as well as to explainsome of the historical background of the pilgrimage and the experiences along the way." Because this is an academic site, there is no advertising, and there is no commercial intent behind its creation.
VirtualTour - Way of the Cross - Lourdes, France
This site was created by the Saint Benedict Center Slaves of the The I mmaculate Heart of Mary. Although there is no advertising during the virtual tour, this group does sell books and CDs. In addition, a link offers the chance to donate to "an Immaculate Heartworks' Charity."
Virtual Holyland (NOW DEFUNCT?)
This site describes claims that "For the first time, [the viewer] will have discovered an Internet home which touches on most of the multifaceted aspects of our faith - including our walk with Jesus - while keeping its focus sharply on the Land where He lived, and on the People out of which He was born." The editor, Stan Goodenough, appears to be a reporter, who has given "a series of lectures in the United States, and addressed visiting delegations from around the world." Like most gateway sites, there are many links to advertisers and stores. 
Kumbh Mela 2001. Unlike sites that act like tourism guides, or sites that depict someone else's journey, this page attempts to help its audience experience the ritual of cleansing in the Ganges River in India. Although the site is in Hindi, it is interesting to see the ways in which the government in the Indian state Uttar Pradesh tries to engage the audience in an experience that may be impossible for the reader to recreate in real life. Among the steps taken by this website to that end, a survey asks the reader's caste, gender, and physical attributes, and asks that the reader attached a passport-type picture. The reader is also asked to choose a date for the virtual cleansing. At that time, the reader can go to the website and see his or her picture superimposed as a head on a virtual body (of the same body type as indicated in the questionnaire) cleansed in an animation depicting the river. In addition, the site claims that a photograph of the participant will be dipped into the river itself on a selected day.

Other Pilgrimage-Related Sites

Although none of these sites attempt a "virtual pilgrimage," they contain descriptions and images representing each site,
which offer the reader a closer look of the place in question.

The Cathedral of Chartres. The famous 12th century Cathedral in France.

Santiago de Compostela. Another cathedral city, containing the tomb of Saint James,.

Angkor Wat. A 12th century Hindu temple, which lies largely in ruins.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial. A secular space which is considered sacred by many.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Another monument to which some make a pilgrimage.

Canyon de Chelly , Yosemite National Park. These parks form a destination for many modern-day pilgrims.

Student-Submitted Sites

James Dean
Find A Grave
World Disney World
Pam Am 103 Crash Site
Graceland Mansion Virtual Tour
Graveline Tour Los Angeles
Starline Tours Hollywood

A different type of travel in cyberspace is offered by the creators of the game Homeworld in this  clip . Note the music, which conveys the image of a numinous journey to the frontiers of our imagination by drawing on apocalyptic themes suggested by the imagery.


The magazine Der Spiegel has an article on tourism to "Ground Zero" in New York City.