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In October 2007, a group of volunteers from the University of Vermont and the Vermont chapter of the Nature Conservancy reintroduced a new population of Polemonium vanbruntiae along its natural range in the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont. 

Population reintroduction of Polemonium vanbruntiae
The reintroduction site was chosen based on habitat characteristics, such as an open-canopy, saturated soils, protection from road maintenance, and associated plant community.  I continue to follow the fate of these reintroduced plants, and I am especially interested in the comparative demography of natural and reintroduced populations and to assess long-term population reintroduction success.

Volunteers help transplant, tag, flag, and water plants at the reintroduction site

Site                  Flowering
 Reintroduction site in June                         Overwintered adult plant with flower
buds in June 2008.                                            

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