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pubs.html Peer reviewed publications:
Hill Bermingham L. and Brody, A.K. 2011. Pollen source affects female reproductive success and early offspring traits in the rare endemic plant Polemonium vanbruntiae (Polemoniaceae). Plant Species Biology, 26, 244-253. pdf

Hill Bermingham, L. (2010). Deer herbivory and habitat type influence long-term population dynamics of a rare wetland plant. Plant Ecology, 210: 359 - 378. pdf

Hill, Laura M., Brody, Alison K., and Tedesco, Connie L. 2008. Mating strategies and pollen limitation in a globally threatened perennial Polemonium vanbruntiaeActa Oecologica, 33(3): 314-323. pdf

Annual reports submitted to the USDA Forest Service (Challenge Cost Share Agreement # 08-CS-110920000-015):

Hill Bermingham, L. (2010). Annual Report: Predictive habitat modeling and the influence of forest management activities on the population viability of Appalachian Jacob’s ladder. pdf
Hill Bermingham, L. (2009). Annual Report pdf
Hill Bermingham, L. (2008). Annual Report pdf

Conservation management reports:

Hill Bermingham, L. 2008. Rare Plant Occurence Form addendum for Polemonium vanbruntiae pdf (Rare Plant Occurence forms can be accessed with permission from the Vermont Nongame and Natural Heritage Program).

Hill Bermingham, L. 2008. The Natural Turnpike (FR54) 2007 population reintroduction of threatened plant Polemonium vanbruntiae pdf

Publications for the general public:
Hill, Laura M. 2006. Helping Vermont’s Eastern Jacob’s Ladder. Natural Heritage Harmonies, a publication of the Nongame and Natural Heritage Program. pgs. 6-8. pdf

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