University of Vermont


Celebrating LGBT History Month 2016 With A UVM Throwback!

This past October, students and staff at the LGBTQA Center celebrated Homecoming Weekend and LGBT History Month with a unique project -- an LGBTQA alum history timeline. The Waterman Building displayed the exhibit, giving students, faculty, staff, and alums a space to reflect on the history of LGBTQA activism on the UVM campus.

LGBTQA Center student staff members led by Charlotte Gliserman '18, the Center’s Alum Engagement Assistant, researched and documented significant events in UVM's LGBTQA history from 1964 to 2015. The engaging display featured dozens of artifacts from the Center’s archives, including past Cynic articles, a ticket from the first ever Jazz Brunch, and letters from alums over the years.

The purpose of the project was to stimulate interest in UVM's rich LGBTQA history and encourage students, faculty, staff, and alums to further explore the lives and accomplishments of influential figures on campus. We were only able to represent a small fraction of this vibrant history. You can visit our QVM Digital Archive on the UVM LGBTQA Center webpage ( to learn more.

If you have stories, documents or artifacts you would like include in UVM’s Queer History, please email