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LGBTQA Center Goes International!

South African Visiting Students

Students from University of Free State in South Africa visit UVM's LGBTQA Center

The smiling group in the first photo marks our second visit with students and staff from the University of the Free State in South Africa. John Sama and Becky Swem coordinated this January 17 lunch and discussion. The visiting students are part of a program at UFS called Leaders for Change. UVM students Dylan Gaddes, Gavin Santacross, and Vincent Mugisha, joined us and responded to the UFS students' concerns about the use of corrective rape in South Africa, and how resistant anti-LGBTQ cultural norms have been to change, despite a law that supports same-sex marriage. Vincent Mugisha is originally from Uganda and about to complete his EdD at UVM. He had great insights for the students on staying safe as they work for social change. If you look closely you can spot our gift of "Keep Calm" shirts on some of the students.