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Dot Brauer, Director

  • M.A., Antioch/New England Graduate School
  • LMHC
Contact Information
Phone: (802) 656-1836

Office Hours: by appointment

Dot Brauer (pronouns they/them) directs the LGBTQA Center at the University of Vermont. Prior to UVM, they served as Executive Director of Outright Vermont, and Co-owner of Dorothea’s Breads in Westminster, MD. Dot holds a BA in Psychology from UVa, a MA in Psychology from Antioch N/E Graduate School and is working on their dissertation at UVM in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Dot has provided over 120 presentations on sexual orientation, gender identity and inclusive education practices. Recent publications include: “Gender: It’s complicated,” and “Trans-Inclusive College Records: Meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse US student population.”

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