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Connect with Other LGBTQA Alums and Graduating Students

In November 2014, Dr. Michael Upton (MED '94) and Sanford Friedman ('73), collaborated with the UVM Alumni Association in founding the LGBTQA Alumni Affinity Group. The group encourages UVM alums to connect, network, organize events/outings, and communicate with one another for the purpose of mutual support in their professional and social lives. Additionally, this group of volunteers actively seeks proud alums to serve as leaders and professional resources for graduating students while dually contributing to the visibility and strength of LGBTQA presence and programming both on-campus and in alumni environments. For more information about affinity groups, click here.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: The University of Vermont is proud of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and ally/advocate alumni. We want to keep you up to date on LGBTQA campus life, climate, fellow alums, and exciting projects. Help us build raise our community's visibility by notifying us of your interest in being connected and counted. E-MAIL US TODAY:

*** Join the UVM Alumni Association LGBTQA Affinity LinkedIn Group and Facebook Group today AND be sure to invite other LGBTQA alums you know while we continue to build our vibrant alum community! ***

PRIDE ALUM NEWS (PAN): Our student authors publish a fantastic newsletter each semester highlighting some of the big news, contributions, and work coming out of the queer community at UVM. SIGN UP HERE.

LGBTQA PAN Newsletter

The LGBTQA Center@UVM loves to stay connected with UVM's LGBTQA alumni. We manage a list of LGBTQA Alumni. If you'd like to be added, please contact us.

Alums can join us for Events!

Here are some events that alums may wish to join us for:

  • Vermont Pride Festival
  • Translating Identity Conference
  • Welcome Back Family BBQ
  • Home for the Holidays
  • Reunion, Homecoming & Family Weekend
  • LGBTQAwards and Rainbow Graduation
  • Check out our full events calendar here!

Support Us

Generous gifts from people like you help make the University's LGBTQA programs, events and student financial aid made possible. If you're interested in contributing to help these programs continue, here's how you can help.

Please consider making a gift to the LGBTQA Center to support our work and our students.

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QVM Digital Archive

Over the years, the LGBTQA Center has worked hard to maintain an archive documenting LGBTQA life on and around UVM's campus. In 2015 our students realized the importance of these archives and began the process of scanning and uploading them to our website. We are pleased to make these documents available and hope they both inspire and allow alums to ruminate and reflect on their college experience here at UVM. We actively seek out additional documents to scan and add to the archive and folks interested in providing materials for the archive should contact us at

ChangeMakers: LGBTQA History @UVM

If you're a UVM alum who has been involved in LGBTQ activism during your time at the university, we'd love to hear from you about your experience. We're creating the ChangeMakers wiki to collect and tell the stories of UVM's queer community.

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