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Here are a few external links places that I have found thought provoking and informative.  Bear in mind that web pages come and go, and some of these may be dead links.

Professional Societies:
AAS society American Arachnological Society
home Society for the Study of Evolution
home American Society of Naturalists
Learning about evolution:
home An introduction to evolution
home Evolution teaching materials, for all grades
home The tree of life: Studying evolutionary relationships
homeEvolutionary developmental biology: linking genetics, development and evolutionary history
Other educational links:
home Pease and Bull:  Teaching the scientific method to non-scientists
home The Nobel Prize web site's educational materials
home The cell cycle game
Other reading:
home PZ Myer's Pharyngula blog ("pharyngula" refers to the stage of vertebrate development when then embryos of all species are most similar to each other)
home Massimo Pigliucci's irreverent comments on  things political, social, and scientific