Learning Landscapes

For Faculty

Welcome to Learning Landscapes. We are currently developing and testing this website under NSF support through both the Educational Materials Development and Distinguished Teaching Scholar programs. So far we have developed, tested, and are modifying the Rivers unit. By summer '06, the first version of the Hillslope unit will be on line.

If you would like to see the modules within the Rivers unit, you will need to register and then, log in. To register, go to the "Getting Started" page and click on the "register" link. For course code, use "development". To login, use your email and password. You will first need to click through pre and post tests for each module before you will have access to the following modules.

The content of the modules is outlined in pair of concept maps that can be downloaded as images: Rivers concept map and Hillslope concept map.

If you are interested in using Learning Landscapes with your students, please contact Paul Bierman (paul.bierman@uvm.edu) or Christine Massey (christine.massey@uvm.edu) for a course code. 
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