University of Vermont

Student Leadership Awards - 2014

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award is presented to a student from each class year (first years, sophomores, and juniors only) who, through their achievements, have made a valuable contribution and lasting impact on the UVM campus and/or surrounding community. Each nominee has demonstrated commitment, responsibility, and enthusiasm in their involvement and is valued and respected by those with whom they work.

  • First Year Student - Alicia Gusan

    This shining student entered UVM in the fall semester and already their community impact and campus involvement has been tremendous. They always work to recognize others and have a gift for making people feel included and heard.  Peers say that their positivity is infectious.

    Honorable mentions: Mariam Haq, David D. Waller
  • Sophomore - Hira Haq

    This student is dedicated to all that they apply themselves to both inside and outside of the classroom.  They are a change agent and their leadership and commitment to service makes a difference in the lives that they touch.

    Honorable mentions: Jess Cohen, John Fox, Sameera (Sammie) Ibrahim, Tegan Garin, Alisha Lewis, Brendan Terry, Ellen Wixted
  • Junior - Baxter Miatke

    Their initiatives to revitalize Engineers Without Borders has strengthened the organization.  They worked diligently to recruit new members, foster gender balance among membership, form partnerships, and landed the group an opportunity to work on a sustainable water project in Nicaragua.

  • Junior - Tucker Nixon

    This individual serves as a source of support to many of our campus leaders, often found in the SGA office providing guidance and advice to their peers.  Their leadership within the Ski & Snowboard Club has helped the organization to grow in membership and a well-established presence on campus.

    Honorable mentions: Moriah Anderson, Madeline Buckley, Morgan Dewey, Hannah Harrington, Victoria Lee, Kathryn Maitland, Joseph Oteng, Hailey Ronconi, Alyssa Solomon, Amy Terkelsen, Claire Wiggin

Patrick M. Brown Leadership Award

This award is presented to one student who has been involved in a variety of activities, but has not necessarily held formal leadership positions. It recognizes a person who rarely receives recognition for their work “behind the scenes.” Nominees have demonstrated great dedication and dependability, and have earned the respect of others.

  • Madeline Buckley

    This student leads with kindness, gratitude, and an open heart.  They are often the first to volunteer to lend a helping hand and their unwavering commitment to service is demonstrated through the plentiful initiates and projects they have devoted themselves to.

    Honorable mentions: Tenzin Chophel, Morgan Dewey, Jacob Dubois, Ryan Fox, Tegan Garin, Nicole Harran, Mariam Haq, Luke Lampugnale, Maggie Love, Hailey Ronconi, Ellen Wixted, David Waller

Activism & Commitment to Justice Award

This award will be presented to one student who has demonstrated a commitment to justice and/or has been an activist, trying to create positive change for the campus, the Burlington community, and/or the world. The individual should have strong leadership, passion, and dedication to a particular issue or collection of issues.

  • Joseph Oteng

    Their leadership, ethic of care, and drive has made a lasting impact on our campus community. They have worked to reshape the collegial culture of the InterResidence Association with their commitment to activism and social justice.  Their peers speak highly of their engagement in several campus organizations and look to them as a role model.

  • Amy Terkelsen

    This student has been involved in a broad range of community engagement.  Their willingness to take on new challenges and their ever-expanding view on the meaning of service and social justice are sure indicators of an emerging advocate, dedicated servant to the community and social justice activist.

    Honorable mentions: Aya AL-Namee, Morgan Dewey, Francesca Hall, Sophia Hoffacker, Sameera (Sammie) Ibrahim, Patrick Maguire, Sanjaya Niroula, Alyssa Solomon, Allie VanSickle, Ellen Wixted

Environmental Citizen Award

Co-sponsored by the UVM Eco-Reps, the Office of Sustainability, and Student Life. The Environmental Citizen Award recognizes a UVM student who demonstrates outstanding commitment to the environment. Nominations are open to undergraduate students whose behavior sets an example and inspire others to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The award will go to the nominee that shows the most commitment, creativity, and leadership in their efforts to conserve and protect our natural resources.

  • Claire Wiggin

    This student demonstrates a commitment, creativity, and leadership in their efforts to conserve and protect our natural resources.  They founded the Social and Environmental Activism House and have spear headed several collaborative initiatives to support our aspirations of being an environmentally friendly and sustainable institution.

    Honorable mentions: Frances Lasday, Ben Ryan, Alyssa Solomon

Think. Care. Act. Award

This award is presented to a student whose actions have helped prevent or end incidents of harm or injustice (including: bias incidents, gender-based violence, or community harm through alcohol and other drug use). This student has demonstrated a clear understanding of the concepts of power, privilege, and oppression and has been active on the UVM campus through their involvements.

  • Aya AL-Namee

    Currently serving as the President of our Student Government Association, this recipient is an active student who is involved with many university efforts. Their commitment to social change inspires those around them and has helped to contribute positively to fostering a healthier campus culture.

  • Machè Chase

    This student’s powerful energy manifests in a myriad of ways within our community.  They work with a steadfast approach to addressing issues of racism and bigotry and has a proven ability to bridge and create community that inspires.

Honorable mentions: Jeanelle Achee, Kevin Bloom, Jess Cohen, Morgan Dewey, Tegan Garin, Nicole Harran, Sophia Hoffacker, Luke Lampugnale, Maggie Love, Student Government Assocation & Inter-Residence Association, Amy Terkelsen, Allie VanSickle, Brian Vedder, Ellen Wixted

The Spirit of Service Award

Honors a student who has participated in community service with vigor, devotion, and an unshakable positive attitude. This student serves with an inspirational and infectious optimism and leads the way for others through their actions and involvement.

  • Maggie Love

    They are described as a mover and a shaker, with unrivaled enthusiasm that helps to get their peers excited about making a difference in the community.  This Dewey House for Community Engagement student has consistently worked to raise awareness around issues of inequity and take action.

    Honorable mentions: Fiona Byrne, Jess Cohen, Morgan Dewey, John Fox, Tegan Garin, Alicia Gusan, Hannah Harrington, Hira Haq, Mariam Haq, Luke Lampugnale, Jess Okrant, Joseph Oteng, Brian Vedder, Ellen Wixted

The Sustained Commitment Award

Recognizes a student who has truly been in it for the long haul. This student is someone who has actively and enduringly devoted time and energy to community service throughout their tenure at UVM.

  • Fiona Byrne

    This student has been a dedicated leader in the UVM community for the past five years.  They have created and executed innovative programming efforts to bring awareness to a myriad of social issues.  They worked to elevate the education of all sorority women on the responsibility we have to help develop and give to girls in developing countries.  The legacy this student leaves behind will be talked about for years to come.

    Honorable mentions: Jeanelle Achee, Morgan Dewey, John Fox, Tegan Garin, Danielle Greenwald, Hira Haq, Dennis Mahoney, Joseph Oteng, Brian Vedder

The Unsung Champion Award

Honors a student for their substantive yet under-recognized contributions to the success of a community service project. This is a student whose dedication and behind-the-scenes support has proven invaluable for the betterment of the community.

  • Corynn Benoit

    This student serves as one of the coordinators for the DREAM program and one of the directors for Alternative Spring Break.  They never hesitate to step in and take care of business, rising above and beyond their job expectations. Central to their mission, they seek to ensure that all the volunteers and communities they serve have a positive experience.

    Honorable mentions: Kevin Bloom, Fiona Byrne, Alicia Gusan, Nicole Harran, Hannah Harrington, Mariam Haq, Lizzie Leonard, Jess Okrant, Joseph Oteng, Amy Terkelsen, Allie VanSickle, Alyssa Solomon

Outstanding Advisor Award

  • Kester Barrow & Annie Cressey, co-advisors of Black Student Union

    Working together as co-advisors, these two UVM staff members have made a significant impact on the lives of the students they work with.  They offered unwavering support and guidance to the Black Student Union and are looked to as mentors.  They have built meaningful relationships and have opened up their homes, for which students have expressed much gratitude.

    Honorable mentions: Lorenzo Blum, Catarina Campbell, Susan Comerford, Xavier DeFreitas, Drake Douglas, Lisa Keller, Mike Kessler, Ron Paquette, Mark Starrett

President’s Award for Outstanding Organization

Any student organization (club, team, honorary group, Greek chapter, etc.) is eligible to receive this award. The award is based on the organization’s leadership, active members, growth over the past year, programmatic efforts, collaborative efforts with other groups, and contributions the organization has made to UVM and/or the surrounding community.

  • Black Student Union

    This organization made a commitment to themselves to diversify their events during the 2013-2014 academic year and rose to the occasion.  They collaborated with partners across campus and disciplines in a proactive approach to promoting equality and cultural awareness on the UVM campus.  Their innovative work has gone viral and this organization has established a firm and liberating presence on our campus. 

    Honorable mentions: ALANA Gear, Inter-Residence Association, Panhellenic Council, Phi Mu Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ski & Snowboard Club, UVM Hillel

The Poster of the Year Award

The Poster of the Year Award recognizes any UVM student whose graphic design, marketing and communication skills have enhanced the success of a UVM program or event through their work.

  • Alec Donkin

    This graphic artist is both a joy to work with and a rising creative talent. His poster for Springfest was hand illustrated – incorporating iconic imagery like champ and the watertower. It created a distinct style guide for this year’s Springfest concert that sold out in record time. His attention to design is a testament to the relationship between illustration and digital design and the ability of student design to enhance the work campus programmers do.

    Honorable Mentions: Viscaya Wagner, Joseph Oteng, Sofia Zavala, Tenzin Chophel, Andrew Speight, Eliza and Carver.