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Publicizing an Event

Getting the word out about your event can sometimes be just as hard as organizing the event in the first place! It's certainly just as important - after all you can't have an event without people! From postering to E-mails, there are a variety of different ways to promote your event and number of resources, both on and off-campus, to assist you in getting the word out! Here are just a few:


Residence Halls and Davis Center are primary postering places for those interested in getting their message to students - but there are a number places (on campus and off) you can use to get the word out!

  • Residence Halls
    131 posters are needed to cover all of the halls, add 11 for common areas. 150 posters would be a safe bet. Read the Residential Life Postering and Solicitation Policy for more information; Living & Learning Flatscreens (Send Posters to

  • Dudley H. Davis Center
    Display cases are available first-come-first-serve through Student Life (; Bulletin Boards are public spaces and are cleared each Sunday. Flatscreen space is also available to UVM Affiliates (send posters to

  • Academic buildings
    Billings, Waterman, Lafayette, Aiken, Williams, Cook, Votey; Almost all buildings have a community board for posting events. Buildings are locked on the weekends. Waterman flatscreens are managed by

  • Athletics
    Public bulletin boards are located in the hall of the indoor track.

  • Libraries
    Bulletin boards located outside, as well as inside the Cyber Cafe.

  • Downtown
    Bulletin Boards are located on: Main StCollege St., & Pearl St.


Send a single e-mail to a number of specific people who subscribe to various listservs:



  • Women's Center

  • Outing Club (through John Abbott)

  • Student Body (e-mail a message 5-7 lines to the President of SGA by Tuesday afternoon to get it in the Wednesday weekly e-mail). You can open the SGA page in a new window to find the President's email address here.

  • Living & Learning (It's sent out every Friday - e-mail Windy Paz-Amor,

  • This Week @ UVM - Send an email to with all the details (date, time, location, event information, and a contact person) by Thursday at noon, the week before your event. Questions? Call 656-2005.

  • Some students help out by forwarding e-mails to any listservs that may have interest in an event especially if you include "Please forward widely" in the email.


  • University Heights North
    Prefer Powerpoints; e-mail to (currently broken)

  • University Heights South
    Perfer Powerpoints; e-mail to

  • Waterman
    Prefer Powerpoints; e-mail to

  • Living and Learning
    prefer .pdfs; e-mail to

  • Davis Center
    Can accept: PDFs, Images, Powerpoint, .mov, and Youtube Videos in both horizontal and vertical orientation. These flatscreens do NOT play sound. Contact with your poster. Please indicate the end-date of your event in the e-mail.


  • Facebook, if you've got access. Make sure the invite list is visible, or else it won't show up on Newsfeeds and no one will see it.

  • Chalking, if you've got the time. It's ideal to do it on the side of the sidewalks so it's not too obstructing and still effective

  • Banner space in Davis Center Atrium - Space can be reserved through Davis Center Operations (802-656-1204).

Originally Compiled by Amanda Wong, Class of 2010