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Student Life Leadership Awards

*Nominations must be received by Thursday, March 13th, 2014 at 5pm*

Outstanding Achievement Award (FY, SO, JR standing ONLY)

This award will be presented to a student from each class year (FY, SO, JR) that, through their achievements, have made a valuable contribution and lasting impact on the UVM campus and/or surrounding community. Each nominee should have demonstrated commitment, responsibility, and enthusiasm in his or her involvement and should be valued and respected by those with whom he or she works.

Patrick M. Brown Leadership Award (FY, SO, JR standing ONLY)

This award will be presented to one student who has been involved in a variety of activities but has not necessarily held formal leadership positions. It should recognize a person who rarely receives recognition for his or her work "behind the scenes." Nominees should demonstrate great dedication and dependability and should have earned the respect of others.

Activism & Commitment to Justice Award (FY, SO, JR standing ONLY)

This award will be presented to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to justice and/or has been an activist, trying to create positive change for the campus, the Burlington community and/or the world. The individual should have strong leadership, passion, and dedication to a particular issue or collection of issues.

Environmental Citizen Award (students from ANY class are eligible)

Co-sponsored by the UVM Eco-Reps, The Office of Sustainability, and Student Life

The Environmental Citizen Award recognizes a UVM student who demonstrates outstanding commitment to the environment. Nominations are open to undergraduate students whose behavior set an example and inspire others to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The award will go to the nominee that shows the most commitment, creativity, and leadership in their efforts to conserve and protect our natural resources.

THINK. CARE. ACT. Award (students from ANY class are eligible)

This award is presented to a student whose actions have helped prevent or end incidents of harm or injustice (including: bias incidents, gender-based violence, or community harm through alcohol and other drug use). This student has demonstrated a clear understanding of the concepts of power, privilege and oppression and has been active on the UVM campus through their involvements.

The Spirit of Service Award (students from ANY class are eligible)

Honors a student who has participated in community service with vigor, devotion, and an unshakable positive attitude. This student serves with an inspirational and infectious optimism and leads the way for others through their actions and involvement.

The Sustained Commitment Award (students from ANY class are eligible)

Recognizes a student who has truly been in it for the long haul. This student is someone who has actively and enduringly devoted time and energy to community service throughout their tenure at UVM.

The Unsung Champion Award (students from ANY class are eligible)

Honors a student for their substantive yet under-recognized contributions to the success of a community service project. This is a student whose dedication and behind-the-scenes support has proven invaluable for the betterment of the community.

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Outstanding Achievement (FY, So., Jr. only)
Patrick M. Brown Leadership Award (FY, So., Jr. only)
Activism & Commitment to Justice Award (FY, So., Jr. only)
Think. Care. Act. Award (all students)
Enviromental Citizen Award (All Students)
Spirit of Service Award (all students)
Unsung Hero/Heroine Award (all students)
Sustained Committment Award (all students)
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