University of Vermont


LCE programs approach student leadership largely through the social change model of leadership and development. This approach to student leadership and civic engagement encourage students to pursue social change through the "Seven C's" of values that include:"change, citizenship, common purpose, collaboration, controversy with civility, consciousness of self, congruence (for example, walking one's talk), and commitment. We support a number of student leadership initiatives across campus including the Student Government Association, the Next Step: A Social Justice retreat, and a variety of student leader trainings and retreats. For more about our approach, check out our About LCE section.

A large part of the work that the LCE staff does throughout the year is advise and support the following student-led service organizations, clubs, and programs:

Student Leader Trainings and Workshops

The LCE program staff provide a wide range of trainings and workshops for student leaders and their clubs throughout the year. Topics include:

  • How to create a club retreat (nuts and bolts to the agenda)
  • How to facilitate a meeting
  • Group development
  • Service reflection
  • Feedback 101
  • Fundraising 101
  • Social Justice: A Primer
  • Ice breakers and Name Games
  • And many more!