University of Vermont

Voter Education

Voter InformationWe are pleased to offer these resources to support active civic engagement among UVM students. Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs is committed to register all eligible persons to vote and support engagement among all students regardless of political beliefs or affiliation.

Three Steps to Voting

  1. STEP 1: Register to Vote!
    Find LCE at Activities Fest, at the Davis Center on September 7th or you can register right here! Some states require you to print your registration form; others allow for fully online registration.

    The deadline for registering to vote in Vermont is 5:00PM on the Wednesday preceding the election. For more information about Elections in Vermont, check out Vermont Elections.Org

    Don't know whether you're registered or not? Easy -

  2. STEP 2: Plan Your Vote
    Check to be sure you are registered to vote:

    Where will you vote? In person or by absentee ballot?

    • Where to vote in Burlington:
      See the City of Burlington Clerk’s Office Website for a list of polling places.

    • Where to vote in Vermont:
      Check out My Voter Page from the Vermont Secretary of State’s Website.

    • Absentee Ballots, all states:
      Check out the Election Center from our friends at Rock the Vote for information about registration deadlines and absentee ballots in all 50 states.

  3. STEP 3: Educate Yourself
    Learn more about the issues and positions of candidates with these nonpartisan resources: