University of Vermont

Service TREK

TREK is an intense and unique team-building and enrichment program for first-year students led by experienced peers. Sponsored by the Department of Student Life's Outdoor and Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs, TREK has offered new students diverse, experiential learning opportunities that promote community building, self-discovery, and connection with future classmates for over 30 years.  

Each Service TREK trip is led by experienced student leaders who lead new incoming students (and Transfer Students) students on a week of service projects throughout Vermont.  Participants in Service TREK engage in direct service while learning about the value of community involvement, leadership skills, developing great friendships, and living and working as a team. You don't need any special skills to participate in Service TREK, just an open mind and a sense of adventure.  Service TREK trips include: Animal Rescue, Catamount Crew, Habitat for Humanity Crew, State Park Crew, Food Security Crew, and Burlington Crew. 

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