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Whether you work with a SGA club, a cultural organization, an academic organization, a Living and Learning Center program suite, or a club sport, advising can be a challenging part of your contributions to campus. Hopefully you'll find the resources and information available to you on this website helpful in your role as an advisor.

If you are just figuring out whether or not you want to be an advisor, check out some of the resources on this page to learn more about what your role can entail. Look at the menu on the left side of this page and you can go through the list starting with Deciding to be an advisor and working your way through. If you have questions or want to know more about what being an advisor means at UVM, please don't hesitate to contact the Department of Student Life (802-656-2060) or the Student Government Association (802-656-2053).

Take some time to look around and read what is on the site. If you have questions about any of the information or if there is something you have a question that isn't answered here, please email and we'll work to answer your question and add more resources to the page.

Definition: What is Advising?

The basic purpose of the advisor is to work with the designated leaders and members of a functioning student organization with the intent of:

  • Assisting the leaders and members to fulfill their responsibilities;
  • Aiding the organization to define and achieve it's goals and objectives;
  • Integrating the organizational activity with the overall purpose of the educational setting.

Each of these components is of equal importance.

Words of Advice for Advisors

  • Advisors who are able to establish mutually rewarding relationships with leaders and members of the organization generally do so by naturally allowing their experience and strengths direct them.
  • Failure can also be a learning experience.
  • Working with a student organization can be a learning opportunity for both the students and the advisor; each must be willing to work to provide the other with a positive experience.
  • Attending meetings and keeping in touch with the officers on a regular basis keeps the lines of communication open and encourages the advisors to assist in planning and problem solving as needed.

Advising Resources

This is a space to look for helpful items in your role as an advisor. As you need things that are not currently located here, please let us know so that we can continually grow this site to meet your needs. You can send suggestions to or you can call Student Life at 656-2060.

Advising Handbook (Download a PDF)
This document was created by the ACPA Commission for Student Involvement as a general resource for advisors. We are in the process of creating a UVM specific version of this document to better assist you.

Advisor Role Worksheet (Download a PDF)
This is a worksheet for you to complete and discuss with your group. This is a great way to get at some of the unspoken aspects of the advisor role. It helps them ask for what they need and you to set boundaries.