University of Vermont

Importance of Advising

Connections with faculty and staff have a direct influence on student retention.

Other direct influences on retention include:

  • Attending Student Orientation
  • Living on Campus
  • Connecting socially and academically by week 6
  • Establishing relationships with faculty and staff
  • Making friends with students who have different interests
  • First Year Seminar
  • Supportive family

But it can be difficult for students to interact with their professors. The size of the large lecture course, formality of office hours, and bashfulness can be contributing factors. From the faculty's perspective, constraints on our time and resources, as well as the sheer size of many of our lecture courses, make it difficult to get to know students personally.

If you share an interest-academic, recreational, spiritual, political- then the interaction is easier and more relaxed. If you enjoyed participating in residential communities, sports, or other clubs as an undergraduate, then re-live some memories and join a new community through an advisory role. Our emeriti will tell you that these will be among the most valuable relationships that you will have, too!