University of Vermont

Programs and Events

The advisor can be a valuable programming resource by keeping the following suggestions in mind:

  • Encourage the officers and committee chairs to work for programs that are of high quality and in good taste; remind them that a few good programs are more desirable then many mediocre ones.
  • Pay attention to programs or materials which would be viewed by large audiences; these often have more complex sets of details which may need attending to.
  • Encourage students to establish a timeline (set goals and identify deadlines) as part of their planning process; this aids them in visualizing appropriate time for requesting facilities and services, program advertising, contract approval, etc.
  • Insure that there is active participation by the members of your organization. Having only one or two people actively involved is not good for the organization.
  • Remind students to observe the University Rights and Responsibilities as described in the Cat's Tale. Of particular interest are the policies on solicitation, alcohol, and publicizing events on campus.