Business Studies for International Students

School of Business Administration
Kevin C.H. Chiang, Ph.D.


Course Objective

This course introduces international students to the world of business studies in the United States by studying (1) how to be an effective business student in an American classroom, (2) how to effectively communicate in a business setting, and (3) how cultural differences shape a global business leader. The goal of the course is to help prepare international students to study business in the United States and prepare them to be future business leaders in a global setting.

Office Hours

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  • Syllabus

  • Electronic Notes

    Topic 1. Introduction

    Topic 2. Business Writing

    Topic 3. Oral Presentation

    Topic 4. The Nature of Intercultural Communication

    Topic 5. Written Communication Patterns

    Topic 6. Oral and Nonverbal Communication Patterns

    Topic 7. Business Etiquette and Customs

    Topic 8. American Businesses

    Topic 9. Intercultural Negotiation