BSAD 289
Real Estate Finance

School of Business Administration
Kevin C.H. Chiang, Ph.D.


Course Objective

This course is an introduction of real estate finance and investments. As an overview the course will cover the topics of basic property and contract law, urban economics, appraisal, brokerage, property management, finance, and investment analysis. This course uses a combination of lectures, case discussions, and projects to study real estate. .

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  • Syllabus

  • Electronic Notes

    Topic 1. The Nature of Real Estate

    Topic 2. Real Estate Value

    Topic 3. Legal Foundations

    Topic 4. Urban Economics

    Topic 5. Market Research

    Topic 6. Appraisal

    Topic 7. Investment Value

    Topic 8. Investing in Single Family Housing

    Topic 9. Residential Financing

    Topic 10. Commercial Financing

    Topic 11. Mortgage Calculation

    Topic 12. Sustainable Real Estate

    Topic 13. Real Estate Development and Management

    Topic 14. Brokerage

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