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Kappa Tau Newsletter: December 2009

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December 2009 Symposium

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2010 Annual Award Receipents (doc)

December 2010 Symposium

Below are some of the 2010 Research and Evidence Based Practice Symposium verbal presentations. We appreciate the presenters making them available to us. Thank you to all who participated, especially the Symposium Planning Committee.

2010 Honor a Nurse (ppt)
A) Soho - Valid Informed Consent(ppt)
B)McKenney - Feedback Post MI (ppt)
E) Pugnaire - Gros - Peer Support (ppt)
F) Campbell -Nurse Mentoring (ppt)
G) Adler - Heart Failure Progam (ppt)
H) Rovinski - Heart Failure VA Meal (ppt)
I) Carey - Rapid Response Team CVPH (ppt)
J) Ampomah - Rapid Response Team Attitude (ppt)
K) Palumbo - LPN, RN and APRN health (ppt)
L) Moore-Cox - Nurse Externship (ppt)
Ceppetelli - Receptive Listening (ppt)
References CCeppetelli References - UVM Symposium 11/5/10 (doc)
Keynote - Goodloe (ppt)

2013 5th Annual Nursing Research and
Evidence Based Practice Symposium Handouts

Abstracts 101
Strategic Prevention Framework
Building a Culture of Safety
Vermont Health Connect
Adventure Orientation Program
Advance Care Planning
Continued Stay Utilization
Nasogastric Insertion
Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Void or Not
Pass It On
Patient-Directed Dying
Engaged Improvement Work

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Daniel J. Pesut's Annual Meeting Presentation

Dr. Dan Pesut is a popular author, speaker and consultant, and is internationally known for his work in nursing education related to creative teaching, learning methods, self-regulation of health status, clinical reasoning, futures thinking and leadership development. He recently presented at Kappa Tau's Annual Meeting this May.

Dr. Pesut is currently Professor of Nursing and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at Indiana University School of Nursing and holds a doctorate in Nursing from the University of Michigan.
Link to Dr. Pesut's Presentation
(pdf format)

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