2010 2nd Annual Nursing Research and
Evidence Based Practice Symposium

Oral Presentations

Below are some of the 2010 Research and Evidence Based Practice Symposium verbal presentations. We appreciate the presenters making them available to us. Thank you to all who participated, especially the Symposium Planning Committee.

2010 Honor a Nurse
A) Soho - Valid Informed Consent
B)McKenney - Feedback Post MI
E) Pugnaire - Gros - Peer Support
F) Campbell -Nurse Mentoring
G) Adler - Heart Failure Progam
H) Rovinski - Heart Failure VA Meal
I) Carey - Rapid Response Team CVPH
J) Ampomah - Rapid Response Team Attitude
K) Palumbo - LPN, RN and APRN health
L) Moore-Cox - Nurse Externship
Ceppetelli - Receptive Listening
References CCeppetelli References - UVM Symposium 11/5/10
Keynote - Goodloe