Physics 301, Mathematical Physics (Fall, 2005)



Jie Yang Cook A525; Phone: 656-0061; e-mail:



Lecture TR 9:30 10:45 AM Cook 531



Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering. 2nd Ed. By KF Riley, MP Hobson and SJ Bence.


You need to read the materials in the text a great deal before and after classes. We will go over major concepts in the text and show details of how to solve problems.



There will be homework assignments after each chapter and these assignments will be given in classes. You are expected to work all problems in homework assignments. I will grade 50% to 70% of the problems picking at random, and provide complete solutions.

Homework Assigments


Two take-home exams: a midterm (target: 10/13 assigning and 10/18 collecting) and a final (Assigning at end of class, the latest to turn in on 12/15).



The two exams count 66% of the final grade (33% each). The average of homework counts 34%.


Office hours:

Monday: 10:00 11:30 AM Friday: 10:00 11:30 AM



I plan to cover about twenty one chapters of the textbook in detail. If time allows, we may discuss materials in later chapters. Major topics involved are the following.

  • Review of basic calculus
  • Complex numbers and functions
  • Series and limits
  • Partial differentiation and multiple integrals
  • Vectors, matrices and vector calculus
  • Line, surface and volume integrals
  • Fourier series and integral transforms
  • Differential equations
  • Partial differential equations
  • Complex variables
  • Tensors