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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Vermont (UVM).  I am a member of the Biobehavioral Cluster within the department as well as UVM's Neuroscience Graduate Program.  My graduate training was with Dr. Diana S. Woodruff-Pak at Temple University.  My postdoctoral training was with Dr. Joseph E. Steinmetz at Indiana University.  My general research area is the neurobiology of learning and memory.  More specifically, my research examines cerebellum- and hippocampus-dependent classical conditioning and underlying neural substrates in normal rats and in rodent models of clinical conditions.  Much of our behavioral work utilizes eyeblink classical conditioning, a form of learning that is well-characterized at the behavioral and neural circuit levels.  In addition to behavior, we examine neurophysiology of awake, behaving rats with single-unit recording.  We also examine neuroanatomy (cell counts) using unbiased stereology.

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