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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
NR 143

In the summer of 2012 I will be teaching an online version of NR 143, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems.  If you have always wanted to take an introductory GIS course, but have been unable to due to scheduling conflicts this is an excellent opportunity.  The course runs from May 21 - June 29.

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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this course.
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Q:  Will I learn ArcGIS in this course?
A:  ArcGIS is the primary software used in this course and you will use it extensively.  That being said, this course is about much more than learning a software package.  The purpose of this course is to provide you with a solid theoretical understanding of GIS so that you can apply the appropriate methodology to solve spatial problems.
Q:  What materials do I have to purchase for this course?
A:  None, but we will make use of one ArcGIS virtual training course.   Access to the virtual training course is provided free of charge.
Q:  Will GIS software be provided?
A:  Yes.  You will receive a license for ArcGIS 10 that will be valid for the duration of the course.  There is no charge for the software, but you should confirm that your computer meets the system requirements for ArcGIS Desktop.  We will also employ other freely available GIS software such as Google Earth.
Q:  What sort of online materials will be available to the students?
A:  I will be employing a variety of educational tools including virtual training and videos.  For an example of an online video demonstrating some GIS procedures click here.
Q:  How will I be able to get help with my work if I cannot sit down with the instructor in front of the computer?
A:  Discussion forums don't work very well for solving issues that arise in a highly visual medium such as GIS.  I will be using virtual meeting software for help sessions.  This will enable me to view your screen and/or you to view my screen
Q:  Will I be able to pursue a career in GIS after taking this course?
A:  This course will provide you with a solid foundation to pursue a career in the geospatial sector, but you won't be an expert.  You should expect to have the skills to execute tasks when supervised by a more experienced analyst.

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