Resume of Joyce L. Morris, Ed.D
The Unversity of Vermont
541 Waterman Building
Burlington, VT 05405
Office: 802-656-4140

Degrees and additional academic work
  •  Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Vermont 1998
  •  55 graduate credits above the Masters Degree 1970 -1991
  •  (24 credits in educational technology)
  •  Masters of Arts - Science Education, New York University 1970
  •  Bachelor of Science - Science Education, City University of New York 1966

  • Work Experience:

  • RE3 Grant Higher Education Team Leader
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT, BURLINGTON, VERMONT January 2003 - present. In this 40% position I work with UVM and our State Colleges to pilot technology projects that use and integrate online Learning Village technology tools to enhance and change teaching.

  • Assistant Professor, Research
    Professional Development Coordinator, College of Education, PT3 Grant
    (Preparing Tomorrow's Teacher's to use Technology) Organize, develop curriculum, implement and assess professional development for university faculty teaching pre-service education students in technology use and integration.

  • Lecturer
  •   THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT, BURLINGTON, VERMONT 1992 - 2000 Developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses for preservice and experienced teachers in educational methodology, technology, and science inquiry. Supervised elementary and secondary student interns in the field. Provided professional development in technology for education faculty.

  • Computer Consultant
  • WATERBURY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Waterbury, Vermont. 1992
    Provided leadership to teachers in helping them to  integrate technology into their classroom curriculums Taught graduate course of computer applications in math and science Taught students grades K-6 computer applications.

  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT 1991 - 1993 Planned strategies, administered measures and surveys and evaluated intervention for two federal grant research projects, The Model Schools Program and PAL (Partnerships for Achievement and Learning).

  • Interim Coordinator of Curriculum Development & Assessment
    Identified and designed science, math and technology linkages to existing state
    initiatives. Collected and adapted national and international science assessment
    instruments for use in Vt.

  • Graduate Adjunct Instructor and Consultant
  • Lehman College, The City University of New York, Bronx, New York 1986 -1991
    Taught 3 credit graduate course: Computers in the Classroom. Established computer
    laboratory for teachers, developed and implemented curriculum for STEP (Science
    Technology Engineering Program ) for at-risk urban students.

  • Graduate Adjunct Instructor and Trainer
  • The City College of New York, Manhattan, New York 1989 -1990
    Taught 3 credit graduate course, Introduction to Computers. Trained teachers in
    telecommunication and science for TERC'S The Star Schools Project which linked
    middle and secondary school classes nationally to perform science & math investigations.

  • Teacher and Project Director John Peter Tetard Middle School , Bronx, New York 1966 -1991
    Project writer and director of Equal Time Grant from Apple Computer, AppleSources:
    integrating computers into the science classroom. Teacher and coordinator of
    TOPS (Talent Opportunity Program) for at-risk students in alternative education , teacher
    of environmental studies program and the living laboratory, science fair coordinator, advisor
    to the student government, student teacher mentor and teacher of general science.

    Professional Memberships/Committees

  • CESS Technology Commitee, 2001 - present
  • Advisory Board for Virtual PDS, 2001 - present
  • Laptop Committee CESS, Chairperson, 2001 - present
  • UVM Faculty Senate Technology committee Chairperson 1999 -2001
  • UVM Information Technology Standards Board Committee 1999
  • VITAL-Learn (Vermont Information Technology Association for Learning) Board of Directors 1998-present
  • Elementary Education Portfolio Committee 1998-present
  • UVM Faculty Senate representative of the College technology committee 1997-present
  • DOE University Heights Planning Committee 1997-1998
  • DOE Technology Planning Committee 1997- present
  • Vt STATE LICENSURE recommendations in sci, math and info tech licensure 1997
  • AACE (American Association for Computers in Education), Teacher Educators SIG 1994 - present
  • VETC (Vermont Educational Technology Consortium), Professional Development Committee Chairperson 1994 - 1997
  • VSTC (Vermont State Technology Council) 1991 - 1997
  • ISTE ( International Society for Technology in Education), Teacher Education and 1989 - present


  • PT3 Grant team member, Federal Government, $1,070.000. June 2000
  • VISMT Software in science and math, $2,000. 1997
  • VISMT Equity Grant, $2,000 for gender equitable software 1995
  • TEEP (Teacher Equity Education Project) $1500 for gender equity conference 1994
  • CAL (Chase Active Learning Grant), $10,000 for "The Macmobile", Infusing technology 1991 into science education using computer, laser disk and CD-rom resources.
  • Computer Learning Foundation Lesson Plan Contest in Secondary School Science 1991 Second place for lesson integrating technology into science..."Which gloves will keep my hands the warmest?"
  • Impact II Grant, New York City Board of Education, "Pictionary Perfect", using technology 1991 for Non-English speaking students to develop science picture dictionaries.
  • Small Grants for Teachers Award, The Fund of the City of New York, "Animation is a Second 1991 Language", students used computer technology to draw and create original animations depicting science concepts.
  • Add-On-Grant from Apple Computer , $10,000 network for exemplary performance 1990 in telecommunications projects.
  • Equal Time Grant from Apple Computer, $93,500 , "AppleSources", integrating computer 1989
  • technology into the 21ST century classroom.

    Selected Courses/Workshops/Projects/Consulting
  • Developed online WebCT Course: EDSS295: Using and Publishing Internet Resources in K-12
  • Consultant to Education Faculty at Champlain College 2000-2001 on integrating technology into program
  • Castleton Supervisory Union: Multimedia in the Classroom 2000
  • Concord Vermont: Electronic Portfolios for assessment 1999
  • St Johnsbury Academy: Electronic Portfolios and Internet Resources 1999
  • Consultant for the Lake Champlain Basin Science Center 1998-present
  • Language Arts Resources on the Internet 1999
  • Technology Mentor supervisor of students in South Burlington High School Project 1998
  • Technology Intern Program, faculty advisor to students helping teachers and students use information technology. 1996-2001
  • Designed & taught 1 credit tech. course in Wheeler & Edmunds Elementary Schools 1997
  • HyperStudio for electronic portfolio 1997
  • Designed & taught 1 credit tech. course inFlynn Elementary 1997
  • ClarisWorks in the Classroom, Starksboro Vt. 1997
  • Burlington College: distance education 6 credit grad course in publishing on the web 1997
  • Rutland designed & taught 1 credit tech course Intermediate School 1996
  • Using Internet without access, Bristol School District 1996
  • Software in Early Elementary Schools for Porter's Point Elementary 1996
  • Designed & taught 3 credit tech course Bristol, Vt. 1995

  • Selected Presentations and Publications

  • EdMedia: June 2002, Accepted Two presentations: Evolving Electronic Portfolios and Students Teaching Faculty.
  • Dynamic Landscapes, May 6, 2002: Burlington, VT.  Taking an Online Course
  • VermontFest 2001.VermontFest2001: Nov 1-2, 2001. Three Presentations: Electronic Portfolios Light up your Life, The Trials and Tribulations of Online Learning, and Changing the Expert Model
  • Pt3 Grant Director's Meeting Washington DC: July 2001: Professional Development: A mutli-pronged approach to Professional Development: Street Fair
  • NECC'2001: Panel Discussion: Build a Community of Learners to Support Faculty and Students
  • Dynamic Landscapes, May 10, 2001, Burlington Vermont: Energizing Assessment with Electronic Portfolios and  Our Technology F.E.A.T.
  • VermontFest'2000.Lake Morey, Vermont, November 2000, Is it Real or is it Photoshop? Presentation and Workshop
  • Dynamic Landscapes: May 12, 2000 Invited to present: Burlington Vermont, Champlain College: Electronic Portfolios: turning on the power.
  • Dymanic landscapes: May 12, 2000 Invited to participate in panel: Partnerships that Breakdown Walls.
  • Site'2000, San Diego, CA, February 2000: Panel Discussion, Integrating Technology into Preservice Teacher Education Method Courses: A Unique Business/University Partnership for Staff Development published in Proceedings, p.
  • Site'2000, San Diego, CA, February 2000: Poster Session: Electronic Portfolios for Learning and Assessment published in Proceedings, p. 1085 - 1090.
  • Vtfest'99, Lake Morey, Vermont, November 1998, Web Design, Using Photoshop and Publishing Web Sites.
  • NECC'99 Technology Intern Project: The TIP for professional development (reporting on UVM/Burlington School project)
  • AACTE' 99 (American Association for College Teachers of Education) Washington D.C. , February 1999, "Electronic Mail Discussions: A virtual meeting of minds".
  • Vtfest'98, Lake Morey, Vermont, November 1998, Electronic Portfolios and Publishing Web Sites.
  • TelED'98(Telecommunications in Education), Victoria B.C.,October 28, 1998, E-mail as a vehicle of discussion.
  • NECC'98(National Educational Computing Conference),SanDiego CA, June 1998, Internet Poster of, Teaching with Technology.
  • Morris, J., Kaye, P., Fitzgerald, M., & Miller, C. (Spring/Summer1997) The use of a computerized voice message system by families of children with disabilities. Case in Point.
  • Vt fest'97, Lake Morey, Vermont, November, 1998, Internet, the Last Frontier
  • CESS presentation to UVM faculty ( October 1996 ) Ten ways to use technology in your teaching.
  • Vt fest'96, Lake Morey, Vermont, November, 1997, Electronic Portfolios and Using Internet Accessories
  • NASDEC (National Assocation of State Directors of Teacher Education an Certification), Burlington, Vermont, March 12, 1996 National Town Meeting on Portfolios, The Electronic Portfolio.
  • Vt fest'95, Lake Morey, Vermont, November, 1995 "Internet: A classroom resource for all occassions:
  • Organized and presented in Gender Equity Conference, Burlington, Vermont, March 1995 for pre-service teachers and mentors.
  • TEEP, Seattle Washington, August, 1995 " Gender Equity in the Classroom: a Hyperstudio presentation.
  • Sessions A., & Morris, J. (1994), Improving connections between home and school, Parent & Child April/May, pg. 18-21.
  • New England Association of Teachers of Mathematics, October 1994, Gender Equity in the Mathematics Classroom."
  • Vt fest'94, Lake Morey, Vermont, October, 1994 "Desktop Blues" and Hyperstudio workshop
  • NECC'94 (National Educational Computing Conference),Boston, Mass, June 1994, "Four teacher's experiences using technology to help them restructure."
  • Applefest, Lake Morey, Vermont, October 1993, "CD-Romance- It's Love at First Byte."
  • National Rural Education Association, Burlington Vermont, October 13-17, 1993, "The Efficacy of ParentLink in a Rural School District."
  • Association for Experiential Education, Jeffersonville, Vermont, October 1993, "The Technology Smorgasbord."
  • ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Washington D.C., March 1993,"The Efficacy of ParentLink in a Rural School District."
  • Applefest, Lake Morey, Vermont, November 1992, "Getting Connected, An Introduction to Vt Ed Net."
  • NERA (Northeastern Educational Research Association) Ellenville, New York, October 1992 "The Efficacy of ParentLink in a Rural School, and a Comparison of its use by Parents of Special and General Education Students."
  • NECC'91 (National Educational Computing Conference), Phoenix , Arizona, June 1991, "Science Animation is a Second Language."
  • Proceedings, "Animation is a Second Language", National Educational Computing Conference, 1991.
  • SWE (Society of Women Engineers, Manhattan, New York, June 29, 1990 for TERC, Star Schools Project, Science and Math Research Projects Using Distance Learning.
  • NECC'90 June 26, 1990, Nashville, Tennessee, "AppleSources, Integrating Computer Technology into
  • the 21 ST Century Science Classroom".
  • DDEIIA , Higher Education Statewide Conference at RPI, Troy, New York, April 4, 1990. "Telecommunications in Math and Science Curriculums"
  • GETN Conference (Global Educaton Telecommunications Network), Manhattan, New York, February 21, 1990, "The Acid Rain Project".
  • Proceedings, "Apple Sources:Extending and integrating the Classroom into the 21ST Century", National Education Computing Conference, 1990.
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