Research 02-03

  • Senior Portfolio Questionnaire
    Senior Portfolio Response Analysis  One area of particular interest to me is using an Electronic Portfolio for assessment and as a reflective learning tool. Each semester I demonstrate model electronic portfolios to the senior portfolio class, teach them how to use iMovie to document their own instruction, and provide hands-on instruction to help our students publish portfolios electronically. The responses to the questionnaire indicate that students spent approximately 10 hour more to develop an electronic portfolio but feel it will help them get a better job and help them in their classroom teaching.

  • Collaborative Exchange Host  October 2002. In October 2002, we (PT3 grant) hosted a visit for four other PT3 grantees: Newberry College in South Caroling, Sedona State in California, and Southern Illinois University in     and The University of Montana in Billings MT.

  • CE exchange visit to Sacramento State. February 2003 I was selected Team Leader for our Collaborative Exchange with Sacramento State University where we provided feedback about their PT3 project. 

  • Vanderbilt Visit and Legacy Cycle. In March 2002 I visited Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. There I learned about the Legacy Cycle and how it connect to how people learn. It seemed a good organizational strategy for some video clips that some of our faculty were working to integrate into their teaching. Essentially, A problem or dilema is presented, students brainstorm solutions, visit research and other information sources relevant to solving the problem, and then students publish their responses. The research behind the Legacy Cycle was published in How People Learn and I see a connection between this research and the building of electronic portfolios.