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  • American Association of College Teachers of Education (AACTE) January 2003: New Orleans, Interactive Session: When Students Teach the Teachers: Tapping the expertise of students to support faculty professional development in technology.

  • Vermont Fest November 2002: Killington Vermont  The Trials and Tribulations of Online Discussion

  • Vermont Fest November 2002: Killington Vermont   Reversing Roles, When Students Teach the Teacher

  • PT3 Grantee Meeting, July 02 Washington DC: Street Fair Poster Presentations: Students as Technology Experts: Strategies that have worked featuring our Mentor and Electronic Portfolio Successes

  • EdMedia 02: Denber Colorado, International Conference, June 02. When the Student Teaches the Teacher.

This was a two session hands-on workshop helping participates experience what it is like to take an online course and where they can find a number of free ones.