Technology Integrated into Courses

There are numerous examples of faculty integrating technology into their coursework at The University of Vermont. Below are some selected exemplars:


  1. EDSP 295: Circles of Support: Students, Families, Schools and Communities Working Together.  Lesson on identifying, evaluating and using Internet resources in working with special needs students.
  2. EDEL 236: Multicultural Students Literature. Students use web resources to read versions of Cinderella from different countries to learn about the culture of a country.
  3. EDEL 24: Learners and Learning and EDSC 207 Adolescents Learning and Behavior. Both these courses have used a WEBQUEST to involve pre-service elementary and secondary students  in learning about learning theorists.
  4. EDEL 177: ChildrenÕs Literature and Learning : Students created a webquest surrounding an author study. WhereÕs My Teddy?
  5. EDML 177: Middle School ChildrenÕs Literature and Learning: Students took and created a webquest about a middle school author study. Literary Fan Club
  6. EDSC 227:   Secondary Science: faculty created video depicting science teaching strategies. (get link from webct and mentor piece)
  7. EDEL 158: Science Block webquests
  8. EDPE 167    Human Physiology course information and resources online. Computers used to
  9. EDEL 188: Principles of Classroom Management
  10. EDEL 189  Senior Portfolio Development and Reflection
  11. EDEL 56       Students use web publishing tools to represent what Good Teaching means to them.

12. EDEL 156 Students employ spreadsheet skills in a survey assignment.  EDEL 156 (Math Methods), students collect numerical data on equity project, compile  and determine ration/percentages and graph results in Excel spreadsheet.genderstudy.doc