Senior Portfolio Questions

Please answer these questions. This data is very important to inform us how best to help you complete your senior portfolio.


1.How much time did it take you to complete your portfolio?

Please estimate as best you can________

2. Did you complete an electronic portfolio? ________

3. Did you use a template? _________

4. How helpful did you find:



Not Applicable

Not Useful

Somewhat Useful

Very Useful

Models of Elect. Port.





IMovie Workshop











TFT lab






Pt3 Grant Staff










5. Do you think the skills you learned to create an ep will be useful to you when you are a classroom teacher (definitely will, probably will, probably not, definitely not)

6. What could we do to help you complete an ep?


7. Do you think you will add to your portfolio?

8. Do you think your portfolio will help you get a better job?

9. How difficult was it for you to complete an ep?

10. Would you recommend to other seniors to create an EP? definitely will, probably will, probably not, definitely not


(any chance we can get laptops for senior interns to pilot a study re eps)


Paper based portfolios vs web-based portfolio╔..