CDAE 195 Summer 1999
Second Quiz

1. Which of the following protocols is the primary protocol to send packets over the Internet?

2. Imagine you want to create a long vertical web page where there are navigation links at the very top of the page that visitors will see when they first open the page.  That way visitors can click on a link and instantly the browser will move down to that section of the page, instead of the visitor having to scroll down through the page to find that spot.  Which of the following tags are used to create the hot link at the top of the page?
A) <A HREF=hppt://>Go to spot</A>
B) <NAME=spot#>
C) <VLINK=spot>Go to spot</V>
E) <A HREF=spot#>Go to spot</A>

3. Imagine you want to clean up your public_html directory on zoo.  There are a bunch of files you want to get rid of.  Which of the following will work?
A) rm file.ext
B) Open FTP and log in.  Double click on the public_html directory, click once on the file you want to remove, then click on the Delete Button and click Yes when prompted.
C) Both of the above (A & B) will work.
D) None of the above will work.
E) Log in to zoo, pico file.ext, use Ctrl-K to cut away all the lines until there are no more lines there, and Ctrl-X, Y, enter.

4. Imagine you want to unsubscribe from the cdae195 listserv.  You need to send the message "unsub cdae195 YourFirstName YourLastName".  Which of the following is the e-mail address you send this message to?
D) jleonard @
E) cdae 195 @

5. According to the handout, which of the following is considered the second-generation web "language" that will make it easier to use the web and integrate the web with smart appliances?
A) Visual Basic
B) Object Oriented Programming Languages
D) JavaScript
E) Pascal

6. Imagine you want to put a picture of a Cow on your web page that you already have working.  Which of the following procedures would work?
A) Take a photograph of a cow, use the Macs in Waterman to scan the file, upload the file to your public_html, insert the image tag into your page, change the file permissions.
B) Find a picture of the cow you want on the web.  Right click on the cow picture and save it to your diskette.  Use FTP to upload the file to your public_html directory, insert the image tag, change the file permissions.
C) Find a picture of the cow you want on the web.  Right click on the picture and choose "Copy Image Location".  Go to Telnet, and pico your web file and paste in the location URL inside the Image tag.  No need to change the file permissions.
D) All of the above methods will work.
E) None of the above will work.

7. According to the handout by Siegel, Third-Generation web sites have a first page that draws you into the site using metaphor.  Which of the following is the term Siegel used for that first page?
A) Door Page
B) Hook
C) Sticky page
D) Splash page, or splash screen
E) Entry tunnel

8. According to Siegel, "Fish Food" is best described which of the following?
A) Moving advertisements that distract your attention from the core of the page but may be of interest to some viewers.
B) Dried worms and other delicacies diced to perfection and pressed into tiny colorful flakes.
C) Goodies that temp visitors like free web postcards, games, weather info, gossip, or sales.
D) Free web page components like counters, JavaScripts, and moving .gif files that look cool, but come with advertisements.
E) Sound files that requires a multi-media PC to appreciate.

9. Which of the following Netscape menu's do you pull down to get to Usenet News?
A) File
B) Edit
C) Go
D) View
E) Communicator

10. Imagine you are using Map Edit to create an image map of a picture.  Which of the following is where you should start to create the HTML file that contains the image and image map like we did in class?
A) Create the HTML file on the PC using an editor like NotePad or a word processor and save it as a text file with a .html extension.
B) Open Map Edit and create the HTML code inside Map Edit itself.
C) Open a graphics editor like Lview and create the HTML code there.
D) Create the HTML file on zoo using pico.
E) Use the View?Page Source menu in Netscape to get to Netscape's editor and create the page there.

11. Following along from the last question.  Imagine you have completed creating the image map and your web page is on the web and working.  You look at the HTML source code.  Which of the following tags contain the map coordinates?
D) <IMG SRC=.>

12. Imagine you have a file that you want to share with someone else in the Morrill Lab, but you do not want to e-mail the file as an attachment.  Instead, you want to use the Windows95 file-sharing protocol that was demonstrated in lab.  Which of the following procedures will work?
A) Open Netscape, use File?Sharing, find the file and right click on the file to highlight it.  Tell your friend in the lab to open Netscape on their machine, use File?Sharing and they will have access to the file.
B) Open FTP and choose the MS WorkGroup "Morrill Lab" to log in.  Find the file and upload it to the Morrill Lab Workgroup.  Your friend then can download it from that Workgroup using FTP.
C) Open Windows Explorer, find the folder that has the file in it, right click on the folder, choose Sharing, Read Only.  Tell your friend to open Network Neighborhood, they should be able to see your folder by clicking on your machine and then copy the file to their hard disk.
D) Open Telnet Terminal, pull down the File?Share menu, find the file, double click on it.  Your friend then can go to Windows Explorer, use File?Share and they will see "Morrill Lab" as a folder.  Double click to open and copy the file.

13. Which of the following will Matsushita's wired toilet NOT do according to Tim's U.S.News & World Report article that was handed out in class?
A) measure your heart rate
B) measure your weight
C) measure your proportion of body fat
D) measure the sugar content of your urine
E) send your vital data to your doctor

14. Which of the following compression formats works best (fastest loading) for web page images that are composed of large blocks of the same color?

15. Which of the following is the typical modem speed that people in Burlington VT use today?
A) 1200-2400 bits per second
B) 28,000-56,000 bits per second
C) 128,000-256,000 bits per second
D) 1.5-8.0 Megabits per second
E) 3.2-5.9 Gigabits per second

16. Which of the following best describes the process we used to get comic chat to work on our machines?
A) Go to the microsoft home page, click on free chats, go to the Comic Chat page.  Click on the comic chat icon to open chat, choose a character and a menu and start chatting.
B) Go to the IRC chat home page, download the installation file.  Open the file with Netscape.  This will automatically connect you to the Comic Chat home page and open the chat room.  Choose a character and begin chatting.
C) Open FTP and log in to the Comic Chat FTP server.  Find the "Common Files" directory, double click to find mscc25.exe file.  Download and install this file on c:, click on the icon, choose a character, a room, and start chatting.
D) Go to the microsoft free downloads chat page, download mschat25.exe to c:/temp, open this self-installing file, choose the defaults to install on your PC. Click on the comic chat icon to open chat, choose a character and a menu and start chatting.
E) Go to Network Neighborhood. Click on the comic chat icon to open chat, choose a character and a menu and start chatting.

17. According to the class handout, if you want to develop web applications where you use forms that visitors to your web pages fill out and send to you, you have a few options how those request forms get processed and what software you need to make it work.  Which of the following is NOT one of the options discussed in the handout?
A) CGI scripting with standard languages like Perl.
B) Page-based tools such as Allaire's Cold Fusion.
C) Page-based tools such as Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP).
D) Form processing such as DEC X-Windows for Web Forms.
E) Applications servers such as Sun NetDynamics, IBM Websphere.

18. Imagine you are logged in to zoo and your are in your public_html directory where all your web files are stored.  You discover that a file is missing!  You decide that you must have been in your home directory when you created it, instead of in your public_html.  You decide to look in your home directory to see if the file is there.  Which of the following commands will switch from the public_html directory to your home directory?
A) ls
B) mv home
C) cd
D) mv ..
E) cls

19. Which of the following prefixes represents the largest amount of storage space?
A) Megabyte
B) Kilobyte
C) Terabyte
D) Yottabyte
E) Gigabyte

20. When we use a Windows 9x machine to upload or download files we use FTP.  Which of the following software do we use to upload and download files with Macs here on campus?
A) Sender
B) Tiff
C) Fetch
D) Put
E) Get