CDAE 195, Final Quiz, June 1998

1. Jim Leonard from IBM spoke to us about what trends in technology we should pay attention to.  One trend he mentioned was that with global networking, people in third world countries will be able and willing to do work for people in the USA at a much lower wage than Americans.  Another trend he mentioned was changes in Information Technology Research, Development & Sales timelines.  Which of the following best describes the trend in R, D &  S timelines?
A) More and more products are being developed at a faster and faster rate.
B) The time window for selling new products is getting shorter and shorter.
C) The amount of machine memory that is available for a set price is slowly rising.
D) There are fewer and fewer people working in R & D time-sequence analysis.
E) The number of jobs in R & D is increasing exponentially.

2. Which of the following best describes the process we followed to get Comic Chat working on our PCs?
A) Get into Netscape, go to the Microsoft Web Site, find Comic Chat, then double-click on the Comic Chat icon to run it and connect, choose a character, and enter a chat-room.
B) Use IPX/NETX protocol and go to a server in Waterman building to download the mschat21.exe file.  Install this file in the Temp folder on C:\ and run this file from inside Netscape.
C) Go to, choose a character, choose a room, start chatting.
D) In a browser go to the Microsoft Download site, download mschat21.exe to the C:\temp folder, exit all programs on the PC, go to Windows Explorer and double-click on mschat21.exe, after it installs Start?Programs?MS-Chat.
E) Click on Start?Settings?Network.  Go to the Microsoft icon and choose ComicChat.  Download mschat21.exe to C:\temp, exit all programs on the PC, go to My Computer, find and double-click on mschat21.exe, after it installs Start?chat?MS?ComicChat.

3. Imagine this scenario.  You receive an e-mail message on zoo from a friend.  The e-mail has an attached .jpg image that your friend would like added to a web page you are working on.  Which of the following best describes the method of getting the .jpg file from your pine e-mail on zoo, to your home or root directory on zoo.  Imagine you are starting from the point of viewing the message text of the e-mail on zoo.
A) Choose V for view attachment, then S to save the file in your home directory.
B) Pull down the File menu and choose Save As, choose your home directory.
C) Hold down the Ctrl, Alt, and then Delete keys.
D) Choose M for mail menu, I for Index, and S for save.  Move the cursor to the attached .jpg file and press enter.
E) Press S for save, then choose H for home directory.

4.  Following along from the previous question; imagine you now have the .jpg image saved in your root or home directory and that you are in your root directory with your Unix prompt on the screen:>   .  Which of the following commands will copy the image.jpg file from your root or home directory to your public_html directory on zoo?
A) copy image.jpg /public_html/image.jpg
B) ~image.jpg /public_html copy
C) public_html/image.jpg copy
D) /public_html/ copy image.jpg
E) cp image.jpg ~/public_html/image.jpg

5. Following along from the previous questions; imagine the previous command worked and you now have the image.jpg file in your public_html sub-directory or folder.  Now you need to get into your public_html directory in order to work on the  web page.  Which of the following commands will get you into your public_html sub-directory?
A) cp public_html
B) chmod 644 *.*
C) pico public_html
D) cd public_html
E) ls public_html
6. Now imagine you are in your public_html directory, and ready to add the picture to your web file called friend.html.  Which of the following commands will get you into the editor so you can work on this file?
A) edit friend.html
B) friend.html
C) pine friend.html
D) ls friend.html
E) pico friend.html

7. Imagine you now have the html code on the screen.  Which of the following tags will work to insert the picture into the web page friend.html?
A) <IMG SCR=image.jpg>
B) <A HREF=>image.html</A>
C) <PIC>friend.html</PIC>
D) <IMG HREF=friend.html>image.jpg</A>
E) <IMG SRC=image.jpg>

8. After chmod 644 *.*, you call up your friend on the tele and they go to their browser and view the page you have created for them.  They tell you it looks great, but they would really like you to change the page so that visitors can click on the image.jpg picture on the web page, and go to the UVM home page.  After reminding them of your hourly fee, you tell them you will change it.  Which of the following tags will you use to make the image.jpg file a hot link to the UVM home page?
A) <A><IMG SRC=image.jpg></A>
B) <IMG SRC=image.jpg><A></A>
C) <A HREF=image.jpg></A>
D) <<image.jpg></A>
E) <A HREF=image.jpg><IMG></A>

9. On Thursday of last week, I showed you how to configure the helper application Adobe Acrobat Reader, so that when you encounter a portable document file (.pdf) on the web, Netscape will know to launch or spawn the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf file.  Which of the following menus did we pull down in Netscape to configure this helper?
A) File?Preferences?Helpers
B) Options?General Preferences?Helpers
C) Window?Utilities?Helper
D) Edit?Preferences?Helpers
E) Tools?Utilities?Preferences?Helpers

10. Last week I showed you how to look through the UseNet Newsgroups using Netscape 3.01.  Which of the following menus do you pull down to find Netscape News?
A) File
B) Edit
C) Options
D) Window
E) View

11. Which of the following Operating Systems was running on the Server that Craig Donnan showed us on Tuesday of last week?
B) Windows95
C) Windows NT
D) Unix
E) Linux

12. Imagine you decide to look at your zoo web page using Netscape in the computer lab here in Morrill Hall.  While looking at it, you decide to take a look at the HTML code by pulling down the View menu and choosing Document Source.  The HTML code is displayed on your screen.  You then decide to make some changes to the code by editing it right there on the screen.  Which of the following is where the changes are being stored as you make them on the screen (before you give the save command)?
A) In RAM on your PC
B) On the hard disk in your PC
C) In RAM on zoo in Waterman
D) On the hard disk space of your account on zoo in Waterman
E) On the diskette in your PC

13. Lets pretend you are surfing the web, and you find this awesome picture that you would really like to use on one of your own web pages.  You notice that next to the picture is a statement that says that anyone who would like to use the picture may, and that there are no copyright restrictions.  Which of the following procedures will work to get the picture into your page?
A) Click on the picture and drag it to the PC desktop.  Then get into FTP and download the picture into your public_html directory on the C:\ drive.  Then write the tag for the image.
B) Click on the picture once, pull down the File menu, and choose Save As.  Save the file in the public_html directory on zoo.  Then pico yourpage.html and include <IMAGE= > with the file name of the image after the =.
C) Right click on the picture, save it to C:\, upload to public_html with FTP, chmod 644 *.*, and include the image tag in your web page.
D) Save the picture directly to your public_html using Netcape linker.  Use pico to edit your web page and include the <IMG SRC=filename.jpg> tag in your HTML file.
E) None of the above procedures will work.

14. FTP is to Windows95, as which of the following is to MacIntosh System 7?
A) Choose
B) Find
C) Fetch
D) Put
E) Get

15. Which of the following resolutions is recommended for images that are to be viewed on the web?
A) 36 dpi
B) 72 dpi
C) 128 dpi
D) 512 dpi
E) 1024 dpi

16. Which of the following is an emerging telecommunication standard that will allow homes currently equipped with twisted pairs of copper telephone wire, to send and receive voice and data at T1 speeds?

17. According to the handout in class, which of the following best describes how a third-generation web site differs from a first-generation web site.
A) It is a web site designed by a young person currently in elementary or middle school, in other words a third-generation user.
B) It is a web site that pulls visitors through the site using metaphor such as an entry tunnel, core page(s), and exit tunnel.
C) It is a web site that uses current third-generation technology such as G3 and Pentium II processors, and is designed to be viewed only by the most current browsers such as Netscape 5.0 and IE 4.02.
D) It is a web site that has not changed at all since the web first appeared in the early 90s.  Other (second- and first-generation) sites have replaced them with more up-to-date technology such as streaming audio and video.
E) It is a web site that has adult-only content and therefore is not recommended for those under 18 years old.

18. Every web organization, such as, or has a unique IP address number such as Which of the following computer systems controls a data base that links a name such as to an IP number such as 198.132.151?
A) Domain Name Server
B) Internet Web Server
C) Proxy Server
D) Firewall
E) Unix Lucent Host

19. Here’s an example of a typical Universal Resource Locator:
 http: // www. uvm. edu /80/~jleonard / index.html#EDUCATION
Which of the following best describes what the /80/ part of the URL stand for?
A) the protocol number
B) the server number
C) the domain name number
D) the port number
E) the directory number

20. Here’s an example of some HTML code:
<HTML> <HEAD><TITLE>Quiz Question</TITLE> </HEAD>
<IMG SRC=picture.gif>
Imagine you used the above code in a web file in your public_html account on zoo.  You viewed this file with Netscape and you see a small grey-blue thumbnail picture with a question mark or a tear in the corner instead of the picture you expected.  Which of the following is NOT a possible reason why your picture did not come up?
A) there is not enough room on zoo to hold the picture
B) the image tag is in the body section of the code, it should be outside the body
C) the picture is corrupt with incomplete code in the picture.gif file
D) you forgot to chmod 644 *.*
E) the picture.gif file is in your root directory on zoo instead of in your public_html directory.

Write your Name on the top of the White Paper

Write the code for an HTML web file that does the following:

 Displays: CDAE 195Web Page
  (In the title bar at the top of your browser)

 Welcome to the CDAE 195 Web Page
  (Centered, and in large letters at the top of the  page)

Insert a picture link, so when you click on the picture, it will go to the UVM home page.  The address of the picture is: http://WWW.UVM.EDU/icon/uvm/logo.gif.

Make a numbered list that reads like:
 Here's what we did in class:
1. Saved messages from e-mail and downloaded to the PC.
2. Created our own web site.
3. Had fun.
4. Maximized learning for the class.
5. Worked on a project of our choice.

Make a link to the bookmarks page for the course that reads:
Check out our Bookmarks page.

( is the address)