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A New Pipe
FireWire - Wired for Speed
2 Apr 1998 FireWire is seriously fast digital cable, and a single strand could replace the spaghetti mess sprouting out the back of your computer. But is that enough to make it stick? Shvatz checks it out.

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WYSIWYG Editor Shoot-out
30 March 1998 WYSIWYG editors let you construct Web pages by dragging and dropping images and text around on your screen. We took the latest ones to our testing range in the Mojave Desert, and here's what we found.
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Big Minds on Web Design
30 Mar 1998 Jeffrey Veen spent two days with some of the best Web designers and engineers in the land at the Seybold/Wired Web Publishing 98 conference. He relates what the big brains are thinking about.

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Developer Headlines from Wired News

Monkey Bites Web Guru
4:20 PST, 1 April 98 A prominent Web author was bitten by another Web site's pet monkey at the InterHype '98 Internet conference in San Francisco yesterday. The author was shaken, but did not sustain serious injuries.

XML Geeks Peek Inside Netscape 5.0
7:45 PST, 30 March 98 On Friday, Netscape showed developers the extensible markup language tricks that will be built into Communicator 5.0 - the code of which is slated to hit hard drives everywhere starting Tuesday.

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