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A How-to Guide for Web Junkies
The Big Picture
Big Minds on Web Design
30 Mar 1998 Jeffrey Veen spent two days with some of the best Web designers and engineers in the land at the Seybold/Wired Web Publishing 98 conference. He relates what the big brains are thinking about.

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Vector Graphics - Image Format of the Gods?
23 Mar 1998 Are vector graphics the kind of image files that dreams are made of? Well, they're fast and flexible - all we need is a Web standard. Veen investigates.
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5.0 Browser Wish List
21 Apr 1997 Think the 4.0 browser versions are cool? Paul doesn't.

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Developer Headlines from Wired News

Net Stock Fraud No. 2 on Scam List
11:59 PST, 30 March 98 Internet fraud is the second most common form of investment malfeasance in the land, says the North American Securities Administrators Association, which estimates that unwary investors lose US billion a year, or more than million every hour, to all types of scams.

XML Geeks Peek Inside Netscape 5.0
7:45 PST, 30 March 98 On Friday, Netscape showed developers the extensible markup language tricks that will be built into Communicator 5.0 - the code of which is slated to hit hard drives everywhere starting Tuesday.

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