Jonathan Leonard's Spring 2003 Responsibilities

Teaching (8.5 contact hours per week minimum, 212 stundents)

AGRI 85, Computer Applications in Agriculture and Life Sciences:
  1. Teach one 75-minute lecture per week.
  2. Arrange tutors for challenged students.
CDAE 291 Special Problems:
  1. Coordinate One Lab Instructors for AGRI 85 (enrolled in CDAE 291).
  2. Meet with Lab Instructors a minimum of 1 hour per week to go over labs.
  3. Meet Individualy with lab instructors to work out problems.
AGRI 196, New Beginnings with Justin Morrill Honors Students:
  1. Teach 3-hour class per week with Thom Patterson (8 students).
  2. Coordinate, teach, and develop the class with Thom Patterson.
AGRI 195, New Beginnings (NEW COURSE) with 150 first-year Students:
  1. Two 1-hour lectures per week.
  2. Coordinate, teach, and develop the class with Thom Patterson.
AGRI 125, New Beginnings Teaching Assistants course:
  1. Teach 1.5-hour class per week with Thom Patterson (16 students) on Thursday evenings (5:00-6:30pm).
  2. Coordinate, teach, and develop the class with Thom Patterson.

Coordinate Morrill Hall Computer Laboratory

  1. Interview, hire, schedule, and oversee 15 workstudy student lab assistants.
  2. Maintain web pages of lab assistant responsibilities , phones/e-mails , and work schedule .
  3. Schedule all classes for the lab and maintain schedule web page at .
  4. Maintain all computers and network connections in the lab. Responsible for all repairs and upkeep of lab hardware and software.
  5. Coordinate replacement and upgrades of hardware and software.


  1. CALS Self-Design Major Committee 2002-Present.
  2. CALS Curriculum Committee 1999-Present.
  3. CALS Admitted Student Visitation Host.
  4. CALS IT Team 2001-Present.
  5. Advise 25 CDAE students and CALS undecided students.
  6. Teach five faculty workshops on computer applications per year (January).
  7. CALS IT Projects: Maintain and support online CALS Core Curriculum Application, coordinate CDAE online undergraduate major checklist test pilot, coordinate CALS online course/teaching evaluations.
  8. Faculty sponsor and advisor for the Folk/Traditional/Bluegrass music club.
  9. Residential Life Learning Centers Committee.  Fall 2001-Fall 2002.
Jonathan Leonard's CV