Morrill Hall Computer Lab Policies and Procedures

Fall 2006


PERSONAL COMPUTERS: 20 Dell Optiplex GX620 Pentium IV, each with 3 Gigahertz processors, 512 Megabytes RAM, 80 gigabyte hard drives, Broadcom BCM5751 network cards.
                                               One:  iMac, 800MHzG4 processor, 256 MB RAM, 60GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive, GeForce.

PRINTERS: One HP 4m+ LaserJet networked Printer, one HP color plotter.

SCANNER: connected to iMac with ScanWizard and Photoshop software.


All PCs have licenses for the following:


Jonathan G. Leonard (656-2979) is the coordinator of the lab and should be contacted for scheduling questions. Priority heirarchy for lab use is listed below:

1. Undergraduate Instruction in CALS  has first priority.

Classes should be scheduled at least one month in advance. Classes that will use the lab every week should be scheduled one semester in advance. Jonathan will send class instructors a lab schedule confirming scheduled class times.

2. Undergraduate Instruction outside of CALS  has second priority.

3. Other CALS activities (Extension, Experiment Station, Research) have third priority.

4. Other UVM persons or organizations requesting lab use for other than undergraduate instruction have las priority and may be charged a use fee.


Computer comsumables such as paper, toner, and plotter pens will in most cases be supplied by the operating budget of the computer lab. An exception is large jobs such as printing theses or dissertations, where the student or faculty member will supply her/his own paper and toner (consult Jonathan Leonard for details).


The lab is usually open during the Fall and Spring semesters from 8:15 am to 12 midnight Monday - Friday, and from 10am to midnight on Saturday or Sunday. These hours are dependent on Work Study Lab Assistant availability. Consult the lab calendar posted on the lab door or contact Jonathan Leonard.


Work Study Lab assistants will be available during lab hours. Lab assistants may not be able to answer all questions. Lab users must be prepared to consult software manuals, online help, and outside software support for help.


Faculty may contact Jonathan Leonard (656-2979) for orientation including a tour of the lab. Faculty must know how to use hardware and software before scheduling a course. Faculty are responsible for trouble shooting software problems with their students. Faculty should consult Jonathan Leonard to get software loaded and tested on the network file server.

Click here to see the Morrill Hall Lab Schedule


Computer training is available through UVM Training and Development