AGRI002 Lecture Nine, Week Beginning Monday April 4, 2005


Hand Back second exam

Four more full weeks of classes!


Attendance forms.

Preview of Final Lab Project:

    -Last Lab assignment.  When you are finished, you don't need to go to lab.
    Until you are finished, you are expected to be in lab working on the project.

    -Takes ~20 hours of work.  Due 29 April Friday, 4pm.  If late -5% per day.
   150 points (~25% of course grade). Early bonus (+10%) 22 April, 4pm.

READING: Optical fibers, Competing technologies for broad band home accessKeyboards, How roller mice work,   How roller and optical mice work, How touch pads work, How active-matrix screens work.  Text Sections 9-13 (pages 54-87).


Web page troubleshooting.

Protocols and Packet structure, Check-Sum error checking method details.

Physical Media of the Internet.

Brief History of the Internet video.