AGRI002 Lecture Ten, Week Beginning Monday April 11, 2005


Two more full weeks of classes!


Attendance forms.

Final Lab Project Due Dates:

    Early Bonus: (+10%) 4pm Friday April 22
Due: 4pm Friday April 29. If late -5% (-7.5 points) per day including Sat. & Sun.
Absolute Deadline: 4pm Friday May 6 (-35%). No projects will be accepted after this date.

    -Last Lab assignment.  When you are finished, you don't need to go to lab.
    Until you are finished, you are expected to be in lab working on the project.

    -Takes ~20 hours of work.  150 points (~25% of course grade).


    Tuesday Section: 8AM Monday May 9, Stafford 101

    Thursday Section: 4PM Monday May 9, Lafayette 207

READING: RFID Tags, RFID in Passports?,and Verichips Text Sections 14-15 (pages 88-91).


TCP/IP Stack

How Modems work

Brief History of the Internet Video