Power Point Presentation

This week you will be constructing a 3-5 minute Power Point Presentation describing what you are planning to do for your Final Lab Project .

Here are some suggestions of elements to include in your presentations and how to execute them:

1. Hook: Something to get the attention of your audience.  This could be something funny like a joke, an alarming statistic, or a personal story.

2. Preview: A quick overview of what your presentation will cover.

3. Background information on your topic that will set the stage for the main middle part of your presentation.

4. Questions you will try to answer in your Final Lab Project by presenting Data from reliable sources.

5. Where you plan to get your sources of reliable information.

6.  Conclusion.  A summary of the main points.

7. During your presentation stand up and make frequent eye contact with the audience.  Speak loudly and slowly so everyone can hear.  Do not read each slide, but instead be familiar with each slide and use your own words to describe what take-home message you want the audience to get from each slide.

8. Some suggestions and guidelines for PowerPoint presentations can be found here .

ASSIGNMENT:  Construct a 3-5 minute PowerPoint presentation with between five and ten slides.  Put your presentation on the web so when you give your presentation, you download it from the web (30 Points).  Please follow the following guidelines:

    1.  You may use text, pictures, graphs, and links to web pages.
    2.  Do NOT use sound, and keep custom animation to a minum.
    3.  Describe what theme or topic you plan to do for your Final Lab Project
    4.  Describe what data you are looking for and what you plan to include in your project.
    5.  Include the elements in your speech as suggested above.

You will give your presentation to the lab during the next two weeks.

Upload your presentation to your public_html directory on zoo, and change the file permissions so the file is downloadable. Here is an example at

GRADING CRITERIA for your Power Point presentation:  Your lab instructor and fellow students will use the following evaluation form for your presentation (30 Points):

AGRI 85 PowerPoint Presentation Evaluation

Presenter: ___________________________ Topic:___________________

What I enjoyed most about the presentation:

What were the key points (“must knows”) of the presentation?

What I would have liked to hear more about:

Suggestions for improvement:

Please rate the presentation on the following scale:

                                        Poor                    Fair                Good                Excellent
Hook                                |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Objective clear                  |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Logical Order                    |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Pacing                              |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Voice Loud & Clear          |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Eye contact w/ audience    |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Poise, Gestures                 |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Animations tasteful            |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Summary/Conclusion         |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|
Finish in allotted time         |----1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10-----|

If I were to give a percentage grade out of 100 %, this presentation
would be: __________________%

Final Lab Project:

The instructions for the final lab project are found on the Web page: ASSIGNMENT: Read the instructions in this website carefully. You may wish to print a copy for yourself. Follow the instructions in finprj.htm. Work on the Project regularly starting today, do not wait until the last week to begin. You may want to have extra diskettes just for the project (a working disk and at least one backup). Backup your diskette at least every other day and upload to your PC Backup on zoo. Keep a list of questions and problems that you run into and cannot solve and bring these to lab. Check for viruses on the computer you are using and on your diskettes every time you use the computer. Save Your Work Frequently. Make Backup Files and Diskettes. Check for Viruses.