AGRI 85 First Exam
Tuesday September 26

1.According to the AGRI 85 syllabus, which of the following best describes the 10% extra credit option?
    A)Any term paper on any topic, due Dec 1.
    B)Oral report on a computer topic approved by Jonathan Leonard.
    C)Re-take one of the exams as an essay exam before November 29.
    D)Repair a PC that has been disabled by Jonathan Leonard.If you are successful in getting it running within six hours you will receive full credit.Partial credit if the
     machine works at all.
    E)Term paper, draft handed in before October 27.Draft will be returned with comments; final draft due Dec. 1.

2.According to the video we saw in lecture, which of the following companies was the first to reverse-engineer the IBM PC?

3.Which of the following is the decimal equivalent of the binary number 101101?

4.According to the textbook and lecture notes, which of the following lists of computer systems is in the correct order from least to most powerful?
    A)Palm Pilot, Supercomputer, Server, Workstation, Notebook, Mainframe.
    B)Palm Pilot, Notebook, Workstation, Server, Mainframe, Supercomputer.
    C)Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Calculator, Supercomputer, Workstation, Mainframe.
    D)Desktop, Workstation, Mainframe, Supercomputer, Laptop.
    E)Minicomputer, Palmtop, Minitower PC, Unix Workstation, Server, Mainframe, Supercomputer.

5.Which of the following media can hold the LARGEST amount of information?
    A)Current Hard Disks
    B)8-inch Floppy Diskette
    C)Standard CD-ROM
    D)3.5-inch High Density Diskette

6.Which of the following prefixes is closest to one Billion bytes of storage space?

    SCREEN 9
    FOR K=1 TO 50
    NEXT K
7.If you run the above program, it will stop with an illegal function call error message at the CIRCLE statement line.Which of the following best explains why?
    A)There is no A variable.
    B)The circle’s radius becomes negative.
    C)The circles are drawn off the screen.
    D)The FOR-NEXT will work with only 20 or less.
    E)The FOR-NEXT must only use I instead of K.

8.According to the second timeline shown in class, which of the following was the fastest way people in Europe communicated over long distances in 1790?
    A)Morse Code using light beams.
    B)Telegraph with copper wires.
    C)Postal courier by horseback.
    D)Positions of flags, also called semaphore.

9.Notepad is to Windows as which of the following is to UNIX (AIX)?

10.Imagine you are logged in to zoo and at your> or zoo> prompt.Which of the following is the UNIX (AIX) command to copy the file
     example.txt from the jleonard account?
    A)copy ~jleonard/example.txt
    B)example.txt ~jleonard/example.txt cp
    C)Click on example.txt drag and drop the file into your home directory folder
    E)cp ~jleonard/example.txt example.txt

11.Following along from the previous question.Imagine you want to tell someone what host you are currently logged in to, which of the following commands would
     you use to find out?
    C)ls pr
    E)mesg y

12.According to the first timeline shown in class, which of the following is the approximate date and place where agriculture was first developed?
    A)2,700 Years Before Present (YBP) in what is now China.
    B)11,000 YBP in what is now Iraq.
    C)15,000 YBP in what is now Southern Mexico.
    D)23,000 YBP in what is now Egypt.
    E)35,000 YBP in what is now Siberia.

13.Which of the following best describes “pipelining” according to the assigned reading in the text book?
    A)The old-fashion way of sending data on paper enclosed in a canister and dropped in an air-tube that whisks the data canister to another part of a building.
    B)The process by which a CPU can begin executing a second instruction before the first instruction is finished.
    C)The way data are coded into different color light beams and sent over a fiber optic cable, thereby increasing the amount of data that can be sent at one time.
    D)Verbally talking to another person over long metal pipes that connect two parts of a building or ship.
    E)Organizing many different kinds of network cables inside a polyvinylchloride (PCV) pipe.

14.Which of the letters on the picture refers to the CPU?
    A) A B) BC) CD) DE) E

15. Which of the letters on the picture refers to the Expansion slot busses?
    A) A B) BC) CD) DE) E

16. Which of the letters on the picture refers to the place where SIMMs are installed?
    A) A B) BC) CD) DE) E

17.Which of the letters on the picture refers to the parallel port?
    A) A B) BC) CD) DE) E

18. According to the video in class, which of following best explains how Microsoft made so much money in the 1980s?
    A)Microsoft’s Operating system DOS was sold with every IBM PC and Microsoft got $50 per PC Royalties from every IBM PC sold.
    B)Microsoft made its money from selling DOS to clone makers like Compaq, Dell, and Amstrad.
    C)Microsoft made the microprocessors for all IBM and clone machines.
    D)Microsoft controlled most of the public stock in IBM in the 1980s.As IBM stock went up, so did the net worth of Microsoft.
    E)Microsoft had the copyright to the ROM-BIOS chip used in all IBM PCs

19. According to the reading and the video, Scott McNealy is the CEO of a major company that makes workstations.The motto of the company is “the network is
the computer”.Which of the following is the company?
    A)Sun Microsystems
    B)Silicon Graphics
    D) Digital Equipment Corportation (DEC)

20.Imagine you move to a new address, and you want to change your signature file on zoo.Which of the following methods will most likely work to change your
     signature file for e-mail sent with pine on zoo?
    A)Log into zoo, and then from the zoo prompt use pico to edit your .signature file.Make the change, Ctrl-X to exit.
    B)Log into zoo, and then get into pine and compose a message.When the signature file shows up in the Message Text section, make the changes and Ctrl-S
        to save.
    C)Use a text editor like notepad. Create a new signature file called signature.txt and save it in the C:\mail folder.
    D)Use a text editor like notepad.Create a new signature file called signature.txt and upload it with FTP to your /Mail folder on zoo.
    E)Ask one of the councilors or lab assistants in the public computer labs to change your signature file for you.

1) E
2) E
3) E
4) B
5) A
6) B
7) B
8) D
9) C
10) E
11) D
12) B
13) B
14-17 Refer to motherboard diagram in textbook
18) B
19) A
20) A