AGRI 85 Quiz 1 Thursday 27 September 2001

1. Here’s an example of the Windows Explorer screen:

Which of the following best describes what the small plus signs mean to the left of the Bas and Cals folders?
A) The folder has other folders inside.
B) The folder has files inside.
C) The folder has more than 5 MB of files inside.
D) The folder is empty.
E) The folder is password protected.

2.  According to the first timeline we saw in class which of the following is the most ancient event?
A) Invention of the bow and arrow
B) Invention of the Wheel
C) Domestication of Wheat
D) Discovery of the bone needle leading to sewing hoods, mittens & boots.
E)  Domestication of sheep.

3. According to the second time line shown in class, the beginnings of what is now the internet (where there were a handful of computers connected by a digital network), began in which of the following years?
A) 1930
B) 1940
C) 1950
D) 1960
E) 1970

4.  According to the reading in the textbook, and class notes, which of the following lists of types of computers are in the correct order from most to least powerful?
A) Supercomputer, Mainframe, Server, Workstation,
Laptop, Palm Pilot.
B) Palm Pilot, Supercomputer, Server, Workstation,
Notebook, Mainframe.
C) Palm Pilot, Notebook, Workstation, Server, Mainframe,
D) Supercomputer, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Calculator, Workstation, Mainframe.
E) Supercomputer, Minicomputer, Palmtop, Minitower PC, Unix Workstation, Server, Mainframe.

5. Imagine you are on the way to one of the computer labs to print out a paper that is saved on one of your diskettes.  You meet a friend who is leaving the lab who says there is a new variant of the “Nimba” virus that has infected the PCs in the lab.  Which of the following (if any) would be the safest course of action to print your paper without getting your diskette infected?
A) Dip the diskette into antiseptic fluid before and after using it in one of the infected machines.
B) Slide the write-protect tab SHUT on the diskette.
C) Use the diskette as is (un-protected) but shut off the PC BEFORE you remove the diskette.
D) Slide the write-protect tab OPEN on the diskette.
E) There is nothing you can do to prevent the diskette from getting infected.

6.  Which of the following prefixes refers to one Quintillion bytes of storage space (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) or 10 to the 18th power.
A) Zetta
B) Yotta
C) Tera
D) Peta
E) Exa

7.  Imagine you want to log into zoo to use pine to check your e-mail.  You sit down at one of the PCs in lab.  Which of the following software do you use to turn your PC into a terminal so you can connect to zoo?
A) Windows Explorer
B) Pico
C) telnet
D) Pine

8.  OK, now imagine you are logged into zoo and you see your zoo prompt on the screen: zoo>
Which of the following is the software on zoo that is displaying this prompt?
B) Pine
C) Unix (AIX)
E) Pico

9.  Following along from the previous question, which of the following commands will display the files and sub-directories or folders that are in your home directory on zoo.
A) ls
B) dir
C) Pull down the File menu with your mouse, click on List.
D) cd ..
E) show files

10.  Which of the following media would be considered Memory rather than storage?
A) Hard Drive space
B) Zip drive space
E) Big Laser disks

11. Below are the outlines of two 3.5 inch diskettes.  Both diskettes have their write protect tabs OPEN:
One diskette has one small rectangular hole in the one corner, the other has two (one in each corner)

Which of the following is true:
A) Both diskettes can be formatted to 1.44 MB.
B) Both diskettes are write-protected.
C) Both diskettes are NOT write-protected.
D) Both diskettes can be formatted to 720 KB.
E) Only diskette B can be formatted to 720 KB.

12. According to the video we have watched in class, the process of reverse engineering allowed which of the following companies to figure out how to make a ROM-BIOS chip so that an IBM clone could be manufactured?
A) Compaq
B) Dell
C) Amstrad
D) Toshiba
E) Motorola

13.  When you are using FTP as we did in lab, which part of the FTP window displays all the folders on your PC?
A) The top right part of the window
B) The bottom right side of the window
C) The top left side of the window
D) The bottom left part of the window
E) The outside section of the window.

14.  According to the Syllabus, which of the following best describes the late penalty for lab assignments?
A) If the assignment is late, 0 credit.
B) 5% off the value of the assignment per DAY.
C) 10% off the value of the assignment per Week.  0 credit if not turned in 2-weeks after due date.
D) 20 % off the value of the assignment per Week.
E) 50 % off the value of the assignment per Week.

15.  According to the textbook and class notes, which of the following PC components would NOT be inserted in the expansion slot busses of a motherboard or systems board?
A) Sound card
B) Modem
C) NIC (Network Interface Card)
D) Memory module
E) Video or Graphics Accelerator

16.  According to the reading in the textbook, which of the following media has the fastest access time?
B) Hard disk
C) Tape drive
D) Floppy disk
E) Memory (RAM)

17.  Pico is to Unix (AIX) as which of the following is to Windows 98?
A) Excel
B) Notepad
C) Telnet
D) Word
E) PowerPoint

18.  According to the video we saw in lecture, which of the following was the location of manufacturing center of the first IBM PC?
A) Poughkeepsie, New York
B) Redmond, Washington State
C) Boca Raton, Florida
D) Portland, Oregon
E) Santa Cruz, California

19.  According to the first two lab assignments, if you have an open window on the screen, and you wish to capture that window as an image, you may do so with which of the following methods?
A) Hold down the Alt key and tap the Print Screen key.
B) Pull down the Tools menu and choose Capture.
C) Click on the window title bar and drag it to the “image” icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
D) Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the Print Screen key.
E) Set up a flash camera in front of your monitor and take a photograph.

20.   FTP Allows you to do which of the following?
A) Upload files from your PC to zoo.
B) Download files from zoo to your PC.
C) Delete files on zoo.
D) Create new folders on zoo.
E) All of the above.

1. A
2. A
3. E
4. A
5. D
6. E
7. C
8. C
9. A
10. D
11. B
12. A
13. D
14. C
15. D
16. E
17. B
18. C
19. A
20. E