AGRI 85 Exam 2
Tuesday Oct 23, 2001

1. According to the history of the Internet Video we have been watching, which of the following was the engineering company from Massachusetts that got the federal grant contract from the Pentagon to start building the world’s first digital network that later became the Internet?
A) Grumman
B) Bolt, Beranek, & Newman (BNN)
C) CAL-Tech
D) Digital Equipment Corportation (DEC)
E) Lucent Technology branch of Bell Labs

2. According to Moore’s law, if Intel begins shipping a 2-million transistor processor October 1, 2001, when will they ship a 4-million transistor processor?
A) October 2, 2001
B) October 1, 2002
C) April 1, 2003
D) October 1, 2003
E) April 1, 2004

3. Imagine you have the following spreadsheet in Excel:

 Your active cell is E2.  Which of the following formulae would be correct to enter to calculate the Total Expenses?
A) =A1+B2+C3+D4
B) =SUM(B2:D2)
C) =A1+B1+C1+D1
D) =SUM(A1:D1)
E) =ADD(A1:E2)

4. According to the calculation we did in class, which of the following is closest to the percentage of people on Earth that have internet access at home this year?
A) 52%
B) 41%
C) 26%
D) 13%
E) 7%

5. Which of the following best describes why GPL open source licensing of software is different than the other three types of software licensing discussed in class?
A) GPL licensing gives the user the access to the original source code that was used to create the program.
B) GPL licensing is free and in the public domain.  There are no restrictions on whether you can or can not sell the software if you alter it.
C) GPL licensing allows only one copy of the software to be run on only one computer system (processor) at a time.
D) GPL licensing lets you try out the software for a trial period before you have to pay for it.
E) GPL licensing gives you access to a cut-down or demo version of the software.  If you want the full-blow version, you need to pay.

6. Imagine you are in lab and decide to create a web page the way we did during the first web page lab (Lab 6).  Which of the following software did we use to type in the HTML tags?
A) pine
B) notepad
C) ftp
D) Unix (AIX)
E) Word

7. Following along from the previous question, which of the following will happen when you try to view the file in Netscape if you save the HTML file with the .txt file extension, instead of the .htm or .html extension?
A) Nothing, the file will be displayed the same whether it has the .html, or .htm, or .txt extension.
B) Instead of the web page being displayed, the tags themselves show up on the browser (Netscape).
C) The web page shows up on the browser screen, but any pictures will not be displayed.
D) Netscape will not be able to open the file and you will get an Error message saying that the file cannot be loaded.
E) Smoke will start pouring out of the computer.  Time to call the fire department!

8. Ok, following along from the previous questions.  Imagine you have constructed your HTML file and have saved and tested the file by viewing it with Netscape.  Next, you use FTP to upload the file and any picture files to your public_html directory on zoo.  You then type in the URL to try to see the file on zoo web server.  Which of the following is the URL that you type in to the location space in Netscape?
A) file name
B) file name
C) file name
D) file name
E) file name

9. Following along from the previous question.  You notice the “Forbidden” message on the browser after entering the URL.  You decide to change the file permissions on the HTML file using FTP.  You login to zoo with FTP, right mouse click on the HTML file in your public_html directory, and check the Read box for Group and World.  Which of the following is the Numerical value displayed in the box adjacent to the check boxes on the right?
A) 644
B) 256
C) 755
D) 642
E) 976

10. Following along from the previous question.  You “Reload” your page and everything looks great in Netscape, EXCEPT the picture image you included in your page is not showing.  Which of the following is NOT a possible reason why the picture is not being displayed?
A) You forgot to upload the picture into your public_html directory, you may have accidentally uploaded it into your home directory.
B) The picture image is a .jpg file instead of a .gif file.  Only .gif files can be used for images on web pages.
C) The picture image file is “forbidden” and needs to have the file permissions changed so the file will be visible.
D) The picture file is all in CAPITAL letters in your code, but the file name is in small letters in the public_html directory.
E) The image tag is <IMG SCR=file> where it should be <IMG SRC=file>

11. Which of the following is the decimal equivalent of the binary number 110110?
A) 27
B) 36
C) 54
D) 61
E) 72

12. According to the reading the textbook, which of the following is NOT a programming language?
A) Basic
B) Cobol
C) C
E) Unix

13. According to lecture, which of the following languages was used to program ENIAC, one of the first digital electronic computers in the late 1940s?
A) Assembly language
B) Forth
C) Fortran
D) Binary or machine language
E) C++

14. Imagine you get hired by one of the used bookstores downtown in Burlington to come up with a computerized data base to keep track of the (up to) 5,000 books in the store.  You need to assign a unique binary number to each of the books.  Which of the following is the minimum number of bits you will need to code for the books so each book will have a unique binary number?
A) 8
B) 13
C) 40
D) 625
E) 2500

15. In lecture we talked about the structure of packets that are sent out over the Internet.  The Core data of the packet is surrounded by control data.  Which of the following is NOT part of the control data of a packet?
A) Size of the original file that is divided into packets.
B) The IP address of the source of the packet (
C) The packet sequence (ex. this is packet number 5 of 15 packets).
D) Error checking bits (usually a check-sum of the number of one bits in the packet).
E) The IP address of the destination of the packet.

16. Back to web pages.  Imagine you are constructing a web page the way we did LAST WEEK (Lab 7).  You log into zoo, cd public_html, and are at your zoo> prompt.  Which of the following commands or mouse clicks do you use to begin creating a new web page called test.html?
A) Pull down the File menu and choose New.
B) Type pico test.html
C) Pull down the File menu and choose OpenàHTML.
D) Type test.html
E) Open notepad and begin typing in the tags.

17. One way to create an image is to use a tag that looks like:  <IMG SRC=file.gif>.  Another way is to use a tag that looks like: <IMG SRC=>.  Which of the following is an advantage of using the second method above?
A) The image will load faster than the first method.
B) The second method will save disk space in your public_html.
C) It is more secure than the first method.
D) The image will be more stable and less likely to change over time.
E) You will have control over the file permissions.

18. According to lecture and the textbook, which of the following media has the broadest bandwidth?
A) A Microwave channel
B) 10BaseT Ethernet cable.
C) ThinNet single shielded cable
D) Fiber Optic cable
E) Thick Ethernet cable

19. Which of the following is the correct tag for an e-mail link where the picture file MAILBOX.GIF is used as the link that you click on in your web page?

20. According to the history of the Internet video we have been watching, the person who’s PhD thesis uncovered the principles of packet switching, and in who’s lab the Internet came to life, was which of the following people?
A) Michael Dorn
B) Len Kleinrock
C) Alison Krauss
D) Jorma Kaukonen
E) Jimi Hendrix

1. B
2. C
3. B
4. E
5. A
6. B
7. B
8. D
9. A
10. B
11. C
12. E
13. D
14. B
15. A
16. B
17. B
18. D
19. B
20. B