AGRI 85 Computer Applications in Agriculture and Life Sciences
Lecture 1, August 29, 2002

Instructor: Jonathan Leonard,
208H Morrill Hall, 656-2979,
Office Hours Tuesdays 8:15-10:15 and anytime you find me,,
434-3787 (before 9pm please)”

Go to and read Syllabus carefully!
Textbook reading: Chapter 1
Labs Begin Next Week (Tuesday September 3).
Bring 3.5 HD IBM-formatted diskette to lab.
Get a zoo account:

Today:  Intro to AGRI (CDAE) 85
  Personal Information
  Structure of the course, Syllabus, etc.
  Knowledge Quiz
  IT in perspective
  OS history video

Pass out 3x5 cards, write:
 e-mail addresses  
 Website URL
 Secret Ambition

Go Over Syllabus (Briefly)


Timeline :  How recent is computing technology?

1:15 Knowledge Quiz

1:25 Start Video

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