Constructing a Graph for a Web Page


A. Size the graph in Excel to the desired size.  Click OFF the graph so there are no handles (black boxes) at the corners.
B. ALT-PrintScreen to save the image in memory.
C. Open up Paint, Edit-->Paste.
D. Use crosshairs to block out the stuff around the graph and delete in Paint.
E.  Edit-->Resize if necessary.
F.  File-->SaveAs .gif or .jpg and upload to your public_html with FTP.


A. In excel get the chart as a separate sheet.
B. File-->SaveAs HTML.  Next, create an independent page.
C. Put a title in.
D. Remember where you saved it.  Finish.
E. View it with Netscape (Open-->Page), View Page Source to get file name
F. Upload to your public_html with FTP.