Tuesday Nov 7, 2000 AGRI/CDAE 85 Exam 2

1. According to the news stories on the web we looked at last week in class, which of the following was the way crackers reportedly broke into Microsoft’s network?
A) They dialed in to an unauthorized modem set up inside the company.
B) They stole a hard drive from one of the company machines and read all the password file saved on the drive.
C) They used a port scanner to gain access to the network through an unused port and the spoofed the IP source address on their incoming packets.
D) They e-mailed a QAZ Trojan Horse virus to someone in the company.
E) They used a war-dialer and brute-force password guesser to try every word in the English dictionary until a password was found.

2. Which of the following Media has the broadest bandwidth (can send the most data in a unit time)?
A) 10BaseT Ethernet cable
B) Fiber optic cable
C) Infrared channel on a laptop PC
D) Thick Ethernet cable
E) One microwave channel

3. Which of the following is the binary equivalent of the number 25?
A) 11011
B) 10110
C) 01110
D) 11001
E) 10101

4. Imagine you are sending a text file from one computer to another.  It is an old text file that uses 7-bits per character instead of the modern ASCII 8-bits per character.  There are 4800 characters in the file.  The computers are separated by only a few yards and you are sending the text with a protocol that uses the Parity Check algorithm for error checking.  The computers are sending data to each other at a speed of 2400 bits per second.  Assuming the handshake acknowledgement time is negligible (0 seconds), how long would it take to transfer the file?
A) 1 second
B) 5 seconds
C) 10 seconds
D) 15 seconds
E) 20 seconds

5. According to the history of the Internet video that we have been watching, which of the following is the name of the very first router on the Internet?
A) Message Sending Switch (MSS)
B) Packet Switch Node (PSN)
C) Interface Message Processor (IMP)
D) Packet Action Device (PAD)
E) Transfer Packet Processor (TPP)

6. Which of the following person’s PhD thesis uncovered the principles of packet switching and burst communication, according to the video?
A) Grace Hopper
B) Homer Simpson
C) Alison Krauss
D) Len Kleinrock
E) Michael Dorn

7. Which of the following is NOT part of the Control Data section of a TCP/IP packet?
A) Sequence information: Packet 5 of 27
B) Error checking information: Check Sum
C) Text from your e-mail message: Hi There!
D) Source & Destination addresses: IP numbers
E) Media specific code: Ethernet, PPP, Modem

8. Here’s a spreadsheet from Excel:
A  B  C  D F   G H
1 Job Job Total Expenses Total
2 Income 1 Income 2 Income Rent Food Utilties Expenses Balance
3 $150.00 $320.00 $100 $75.00 $25.00

Imagine your active cell is in C3.  Which of the following would be the correct formula to insert for Total Income?
A) =SUM(A1:C1)
B) =ADD(A3:C3)
C) =SUM(A3:B3)
D) =ADD(A1:C3)
E) None of the above

9. Which of the following is the decimal equivalent of this binary number: 101010
A) 6
B) 18
C) 36
D) 42
E) 60

10. Here is an example of one way to use an image tag in HTML: <IMG SRC=http://www.uvm.edu/icon/misc/
Paint.gif>.  Which of the following best describes the disadvantage of using this tag instead of <IMG SRC=Paint.gif>?
A) It takes up more disk space on in your public_html.
B) Many browsers (such as IE) will not be able to read the tag.
C) If the owner of /icon/misc changes or removes the Paint.gif, it will not work on your page.
D) The chmod 644 *.* command will not work on the html file with that tag.
E) HTML files with that tag can only be viewed from Microsoft Internet Explorer, not Netscape.

11. Imagine you are logged into zoo.  You are not sure what directory level you are currently at.  One way to tell is to list files with ls to see what files are in the default directory.  Which of the following AIX commands is another way to show you the path address of what level you are currently in, in the directory structure?
A) pine
B) who
C) cls
D) pwd
E) showlevel

12. Imagine you are setting up a web page on zoo like we did in the second web page lab.  To start you log in to zoo with telnet, enter the terminal type, and you get to the zoo prompt.  Which of the following AIX commands will move you to the directory where all your web files are stored?
A) cd public_html
B) cp web\
C) pico public_html/
D) web ..
E) mv web_html

13. Following along from the previous question, imagine you are now in the directory with all your web files.  Which of the following commands do you use to open a file called NEWFILE.html using the editor on zoo?
B) Open Notepad, FileàOpen: NEWFILE.html
C) Pine NEWFILE.html
D) edit NEWFILE.html
E) pico NEWFILE.html

14. Following along from the previous question, you begin typing in the HTML tags.  According to what we have learned in lab, which of the following is the very LAST tag you enter?
B)   </HEAD>
C)    </BODY>
D) </HTML>
E)   </PRE>

15. Following along from the previous question, which of the following tags will create a list where the list items are numbered?
A) <UL>
B) <OL>
C) <NL>
D) <DL>
E) <XL>

16. Which of the following tags is the correct link for UVM’s home page?
A) <HREF=http://www.uvm.edu>UVM</HREF>
B) <LINK=http://www.uvm.edu>Click for UVM</LINK>
C) <A LINK=http://www.uvm.edu/>UVM</A>
D) <A HREF=http://www.uvm.edu>UVM</A>
E) <http:www.uvm.edu>Click for UVM</http>

17. According to the reading in the article: “How Hackers Break In And How They Are Caught article”, which of the following best describes how the villan, Abednego, first meets the hero, Dogberry?
A) they meet in a chat room
B) they meet in a listserv discussion list
C) they meet in a community computer club in town
D) they meet in a bar
E) they meet at Dogberry’s workplace.

18. Which of the following software is licensed under the relatively new “GPL” or “copy lefted” open source license agreement that requires all useful alterations of the source code be made public?
A) Lotus Smart Suite
B) Windows2000
C) Unix(AIX)
D) Linux
E) MS-Excel

19. According to the reading in the text book, a figure that contains interconnected ovals, diamonds, and boxes that help programmers plan the development of their programs, is best described by which of the following?
A) Source Code
B) Natural Language
C) Program Flowchart
D) Pseudocode
E) Object-Oriented Program

20. Imagine you are hired by NASA to help design a high-quality imaging probe to Mars.  This probe is designed to locate potential landing sites for a manned mission in a few decades.  The NASA team at JPL wants you to design an imaging system that can detect 2048 levels of brightness for each pixel of a 1-million pixel array for each image (1000 X 1000 pixels per image).  Which of the following is the minimum number of bits you can use to code for each pixel, so that each pixel can have one of 2048 levels of brightness?
A) 1,000,000
B) 8,000,000
C) 8,192
D) 2,048
E) 11

1) D
2) B
3) D
4) E
5) C
6) D
7) C
8) C
9) D
10) C
11) D
12) A
13) E
14) D
15) B
16) D
17) A
18) D
19) C
20) E

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